Hello shopping tote swappers!

3 April 2008
Hello ladies! I just wanted to remind all of you that your parcels should be in the mail unless you have made other arrangements with your buddies. I have heard from many of you who are running a bit late due to the Easter Holiday and that is just fine, but let your buddy know! We are also having some trouble with e-mails. Please check your spam or junk e-mail box if you haven't heard recently from your buddy, as several ladies e-mails have been deposited there by their e-mail providers. Would Ruthie's buddy Paula please e-mail her and send me a copy so we can get your address; lastly, would my two buddies, Alison and Cate, please e-mail me (my e-mails must have been eaten by the Internet Limbo Monster)! Don't forget to e-mail me (cdetroyes at yahoo dot com) with`the photo of the parcel you receive from your buddy, and don't forget to tell us your buddy's name. I now have four photos and will post them as soon as I get another one. I can post five photos at a time so I will start showing all the amazingly beautiful work that everyone has done in the next few days. It will take a while to get everyone's tote photos up as we have nearly 120 swappers-and that is a lot of photos at five a post! I will wait till this week-end to start the seed swap in order to make sure there are no further problems or glitches with the tote swap. If anyone has any questions or problems, please feel free to e-mail me or Lorraine ( ma underscore pabarney at hotmail dot com).

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  1. Rhonda, thanks so much for the info on Rosellas, Im just about to harvest a good supply of them and was wondering how to get them ready for rosella tea. Now I know and thanks so much I look forward to having a lovely cuppa in a day or 2. Marlo


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