shopping totes again!

13 April 2008
from Ania to Bel
from Bel to Ania
from Debbie to Melinda
from Debbie to Melindafrom Donna to Eileen
Hello again-here are more gorgeous totes. And, while I am talking about these photos, I have 3 lovely ladies who have sent me photos of the totes they received from their flicker or photobucket account. Unfortunately, I cannot grab and copy these photos and I would like to have everyone see them on the blog. Could those of you who sent me these please send me an e-mail with a jpeg photo attachment pretty please. If you wish to see Lauren's darling bag to Jennie, please visit Little Jennie Wren's blog at: and look for the "Cosy" post put up last night. It is a truly lovely blog to visit!


  1. All of these Tote bags look fantastic. I am so glad I joined in, it actually ended up being alot easier than I imagined. It was the first time I had EVER used a sewing machine and I am hoping because of this swap it will have inspired me to try making some new things. An ironing board cover is next on my list of things to try doing.
    You mentioned in a previous post for us to pass on any swap ideas we might have. Well....Its not exactly a swap, but I have seen on a forum I visit everyone is knitting an 8' x 8' square that will all be joined up to make a warm blanket for someone in need. I thought it might be nice for us all to make a "Down-to-Earth" patchwork blanket for someone at the centre you work at Rhonda. Just an idea, I have never knitted but mum has promised to help me cast on & off if I ever want to try.:-) I thought this might be an incentive for me to have a try.
    Hope you had a fantastic birthday, it sure looked like a nice day.
    Love Steph xx

  2. Hi Steph, Robbie has also mentioned that idea and it would be a great idea but we would need someone to sew alll the patchwork or knitted pieces together.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Yes I guess that might be a problem, I thought at first "I will do it" but if we are donating it to someone at Rhonda's centre or similar, it would probably be quite an expensive heavy thing for me to get posted to Australia. Would have to be someone based in oz, otherwise I would imagine it would work out a very expensive blanket :-)
    Nevermind, I will keep thinking. I love these swaps. xxxx


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