Shopping totes

from Kristi to Liz
from Lindsay to Ciara
from Lindsay to Ciara (reversable)
from Lisa to Michelle
from Sandra to Debbie
Again -here are more great totes!


  1. Hello Sharon,
    You are doing a great job with all these shopping tote posts, let alone organising the swap. Well done, thank you.

  2. Ahhhh! Ann-How sweet you are-I will be posting photos of your totes this week and I must say-Wow! But with all the work and the 2 swaps I am a bit late in posting my swap totes-they are off as of tomorrow dear swap buddies Ally Bea and Cate!

  3. These are really lovely! I wish I knew how to sew!

  4. Here area a couple ideas for future swaps I've come up with:

    *table runners
    *drink coaster sets
    *homemade stationary/note cards
    *embroidered dish towels
    *embroidered hankies

    Just some ideas.

  5. *Potholders/hot pads is a good one too (forgot that one on my last post)

  6. Thanks "anon" tose are great ideas, some of which are new ideas and will go down on ou lists!!


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