Close to perfect

13 April 2008
It was as close to perfect as any day could be. All the food was prepared, the guests said they enjoyed it, the weather was nice, the music was good, we had some fine wine and I was surrounded by those I love, minus my son Shane. As with most parties in this area I live in, it was governed by the weather conditions. We started sitting on the back verandah in the shade, but it was too hot. We moved the tables out to the lawn in the shade and stayed there while we had lunch - which wasn't served till 3pm. When the sun started going down, it turned a bit chilly and the mosquitoes made us move to the front verandah where it was a little more sheltered.

My sisters did the washing up, Hanno and Kerry packed up the tables and brought the chairs inside again and I was left with our guests sitting, talking and laughing. I loved how my family treated me - they showed me love and respect and made sure I enjoyed every second of my party. I really am blessed to have a loving family and such fine friends.

All in all it was a wonderful way to celebrate this milestone of 60 birthdays. I want to thank each and every one of you who sent their best wishe
s. It really did make my day to receive all those little messages of love. Thank you.

Hanno, my step son, Jens, and son, Kerry.

Kerry and my sister, Tricia.

My sister, Kathleen, who hates having her photo taken.

After the first round of diners - the lunch table.

The last of the guests left at 6.30pm, Kerry went out to visit some friends and the rest of us - Tricia, Kathleen, Hanno and I fell in a heap. Everyone was in bed and the house was quiet by 10pm. How different that is from those wild days of my younger birthdays. I'm really pleased I experienced those loud and late parties of my young years but even happier I have eased into a celebration like yesterday.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful party, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. We were all there with you in our thoughts! :)

  2. Rhonda I'm so glad you had a wonderful day and no washing up, what a birthday treat.

  3. That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate your b'day!

  4. A very happy belated B-day to you!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Rhonda, Im glad you had such a wonderful day with family and friends, and I hope you enjoyed the lovely party as you escribed. Marlo

  6. Rhonda, Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Again, happy birthday. Myra (USA)

  7. sounds wonderful-hope Tuesday is great too!

  8. Sounds like the perfect birthday celebration -- food, spirits, family, and friends! And the best part: it's over by ten o' clock!

  9. Rhonda,

    I am so glad you had a Wonderful Birthday! It looks like your family had a good time too:)



  10. So glad you enjoyed your day! It's so wonderful to be with family and friends on special occasions! I celebrate mine tomorrow with my family! Happy birthday and God bless!


  11. Happy Birthday Rhonda, may you continue to enjoy good health, happiness and love for many more birthdays to come,

  12. Happy birthday! What a wonderful day :) Thank you for sharing it with us through your blog

  13. Hello Rhonda, your celebrations certainly hit the spot, I'm so pleased you enjoyed your day, it sounded wonderful. Now, where's the photo of the birthday girl? Diana x

  14. It looks like u had a great day. Funny thing is I am another one who shares the 15th April as her birthday with you. I hope you will enjoy your special day!

  15. Rhonda Jean, I was remembering back to when you were musing about the world's oldest blogger -- and though I haven't been back I still have the link for the guy I found (no longer touting himself as the world's oldest blogger, I see!):

    "Tomato grower Ray White, 94 +
    is America's oldest blogger.

    Born September 2 1913"

    Anyway, a little way of sending a Bday gift to you!

    All the best in the new year ahead.

  16. Happy Birthday, Rhonda!

  17. Happy Birthday!!! Many happy returns.


    Anna Marie

  18. Thank you everyone. Diana, no one wanted photos taken, I'm lucky I got away with these. :- )

  19. Happy Birthday dearest sister Rhocobelle
    love the fact that you still printed my photo. we are used to me covering my face now, hey??
    Geez we had a fantastic two days - talking heaps, eating heaps, smiling and laughing.....
    I found your card and sent it by secure customs postage method.
    love you
    Kathleen Arabesque

  20. Finally! Kathleen has commented here. Can't wait to see the card. You always find the best ones. Love to you.


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