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6 April 2008
I'm having a clean up day today and have been deleting a few links and favourites on my computer. I've found a couple of very good links I thought I'd share. If you'd like to add some useful links for the kitchen and home, please go ahead. I'll move links from the comments box up to make an easy to use resource.

Recipe how to's, measurements, charts, conversions, definitions etc
Water storage
Less toxic alternatives
25 ways to save money on food

Five minute decluttering tips thanks Diana!

Cook's glossary and Make an all purpose organic pesticide from vegetables thanks Rabbit


  1. Hi Rhonda - like many of your readers I am very inspired by your blog, and am an avid reader. I have a question that I hope you (or other tropics dwellers) may be able to help me with. I live in north Queensland -very hot and humid and have made my own washing liquid/powder using your recipe a couple of times but find after a week or two the clothes become very sweaty smelling and as soon as the body heat warms them up the "B.O." factor is a knockout! My hubby works heavy outside work and I have very active boys. I wash in cold water as we dont have solar. Any ideas for how to combat this problem?? Annette

  2. Hi Annette, thank you for your kind words. I would try two things - soak the shirts in cold water and scrub the underarms with laundry soap. Wash out then rinse in a bucket with two cups of white vinegar added. Then wash as normal.

    If that doesn't work, I would try soaking in one of the oxygen bleaches - a powder bleach like Napisan, although Aldi's powder oxygen bleach is very good and half the price.

    I suppose you could also try white vinegar in the final rinse too, that might work by neutralising the smell.

    I haven't had this problem so I'm not speaking from experience but I feel those solutions might work.

  3. Hi Rhonda Jean

    The link to 'less toxic alternatives' is leading us to water storage. Please fix this link as I would particularly like to see this one! Thanks so much!


  4. Great idea. Here is my little contribution.

    Cookbooks take it for granted that the terms they use are understood by everyone. This can be frustrating for beginners and some experts alike. Below is a small glossary of some common cooking terms.

    Cooking Glossary

  5. Thank you, Rhonda, you know why!! Diana x


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