Seed Swap Buddies

24 April 2008
Hello ladies! Here are the swap buddies for the seed swap. There were two ladies who didn't leave their e-mail addresses, so if Julie in WAu and Hopewell mom school could please give me their e-mails I can get them down on my list (Sharon: cdetroyes at yahoo dot com). Please check your e-mail address here and if there is a change e-mail me. All swap buddies can now e-mail their partners to work out the details of the seeds they will swap. Enjoy this exchange! Update: Thanks hopewellmomschool!!

Heggie: heggie at roadrunner dot com swaps with Hopewell momschool: hopewellmomschool at yahoo dot com
Mim mimsfam at gmail dot com swaps with Sharon :cdetroyes at yahoodotcom
Anne: backyardtreasures at wordpress dot com swaps with Regina: rcs at stancills dot com
Carla: nooncarl at yahoo dot com swaps with Jayedee:ntiveheart at cfl dot rr dot com
Erikka: smadaakkire at gmail dot com swaps with hedgeshappenings:kmhedges at gmail dot com Jean: jean dot maples at yahoo dot co dot uk swaps with Babs:babs331176 at aol dot com
Clare:clare0311 at hotmail dot co dot uk swaps with Cat: sistersconranbrown at hotmail dot com
Rhonda Jean :rhondahetzel at gmail dot comswaps with Tracy:sunnycorner2340 at yahoo dot com dot au
Robbie: rc at skymesh dot net dot au swaps with Jennie Tanovic: jennifer dot tanovic at three dot com dot au
Hannah: han underscore ysic at hotmail dot com swaps with Paddysmum:littlepaddy at adam dot com dot au
Bel: bel at spiralgarden dot com dot au swaps with Lorraine: ma underscore pabarney at hotmail dot com
Ruby Red: alexia dot broome at student dot qut dot edu dot au swaps with:Paula: mrs dot paula dot moss at gmail dot com
Julie :marchett at bigpond dot net dot au and Lara (the crone):larazheng at hotmail dot com
Ann: forhim1981 at shaw dot ca swaps with Constance:connie at trepanier dot com
If you need any help or have any questions just e-mail me (Sharon) and we will get it sorted out. For those waiting for more photos of the shopping totes, I am working on getting a Flickr group up where we can post all the swap photos and everyone can go and look at all of them without having to hunt for them in the blog posts. I hope to have this up and running by Sunday!!


  1. woo hooo! Here we go Tracy. I'll email you and we'll work out our swap.

    Thanks for the work you put into the swaps, Sharon. I know you're a busy lady.

  2. Oh, hurray! I've already contacted my swap partner, Jayedee. She's in a WARM part of the country - we're still having snow flurries!!
    Carla in North Idaho

  3. awesome!

  4. Hello Sharon.
    Unless there is another Julie in WA (which is how I sign off ) marchett at bigpond dot net dot au is the one and same so I think that there is only 2 swappers for western australia. I am going away to Kalbarri on holidays for 4 days so will check back when I get home. Let me know and sorry if I confused anyone...Julie in Western Australia

  5. Hey, my email is missing a letter!


    Just in case you were wondering why it's not going through!

  6. I think all(hopefully) is sorted out now with the swap buddies and the e-mail addresses.


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