More shopping totes

9 April 2008
from kristi to mary from Ciara to Lindsay

from Robbie to Sandra
from Aubrey to Diana (pebbledash)
from Diana to Aubrey
I want to remind all of you about the seed swap (don't forget to give us your country and state)! We are also making a list of ideas for the next crafty swap so if anyone has any ideas please email me (Sharon) at: cdetroyes at yahoo dot com!!


  1. Sharon did you get my photo???


  2. Hannah-I don't a your photo-please send it again.

  3. from Aubrey to Diana

    Oh what lovely fabric. So pretty.

    Great work on all the bags ladies. >:3

  4. Do you mean heirloom seeds we could buy, or ones we have saved ourselves? How many seeds?

  5. Hi Kristi-they can be seeds that you have saved, gotten from friends and family or seeds that you bought and have extras of and would like to trade.

  6. What great totes! I love watching these swaps but I won't join in for a while as I'm shortly moving house;

    I plan on making some fabric table mats and matching napkins, and might make myself some handkerchiefs too - I want to reduce my use of disposables as much as I can. Maybe something like that could be a swap? or is that too simple? lol :)

  7. Lovely totes! I love totes and wish I had done this swap...


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