New Swap! Heritage or Heirloom Seeds

8 April 2008
Hello ladies. While we wait for all the totes to be posted and received, Rhonda, Lorraine and I wanted to have another swap. This swap will not be about making anything. It is a seed swap. All you gardeners out there, this one's for you! We would like those who are interested in swapping heritage or heirloom seeds (not F1 seeds from your local hardware or big box store) to leave their name, their e-mail address (spelled out to keep the spammers away) and their province, shire or state, as well as their country in the comments of this post. Since we are swapping seeds, which are agricultural products, we have to be very careful and keep swap buddies in the same country, and for some, in the same state or province. I will pair the buddies based on the information you leave so remember to leave me your state, or province, or shire and country. You may sign up until Monday, April 14, 2008. I have some links for all those who would like more information. Some of the links explain heirloom or heritage seeds and some are very specific to certain countries such as Canada, and Australia. Scroll down on several of the links for lists of many more links (sort of a link within a link :0). If any one has links for the UK, please e-mail them to me so I can post them; I seem to have come up short there and would love to hear from UK gardeners! Please remember that the seeds need to be open-pollinated seeds or heirloom seeds, not F1 seeds. This should be a fun swap and the seeds will most certainly grow into something very special! Edited to add links from the UK Thank-you Clare!! Check Chiltern Seeds or Sutton Seeds as well as the following:


  1. Rhonda two companies that supply heritage seeds in the UK are
    www dot thomasetty dot co dot uk and Chiltern Seeds. The Garden Organic site also has a heritage seed library they can be found at www dot gardenorganic dot org dot uk. I also think Suttons do a heritage range. Hope this is of some help.

  2. Ps I would also like to be included in the swap!

  3. please include me in the swap!
    ntiveheart at cfl dot rr dot com

    i'm addicted to heirloom tomatos!

  4. I'm a first-time swapper, long-time reader. I'm SO excited! Kate, heggie at roadrunner dot com. Maine (ME), USA. We have a short growing season here.

  5. Ohhh, this sounds fun. Count me in. Mindy, mimsfam at gmail dot com Illinois (IL), USA

  6. Clare and Jayedee-could you leave me your state or province or shire and your country and Clare thanks for the links they will be added to the post and please let me have your e-mail also!

  7. I'm a long time reader (came from our friend Jewels), but this will be my first swap here.


    diligntmom at aol dot com
    Connecticut (CT), USA
    zone 6

  8. I won't participate this time around as the few heirloom type seeds I have this year are already growing! but please pretty please can we do this again? :)

    another UK one:

  9. Alright! A swap that I will be able to participate in!! (because of my own lack of planning, on the others)
    There was snow on the ground AGAIN this morning, but will be melted off soon.

    Carla in North Idaho, USA,
    U.S. Zone 5
    nooncarl at yahoo dot com

  10. I'm so please you all like this swap!

    Clare, thanks for the links.

    Sharon, I'd like to be in this swap please. I can swap with any State in Australia, but not Tasmania or West Australia. Those swappers will have to swap within their own States.

  11. I would like to be in the swap too but same as Rhonda cannot swap with WA or Tasmania. I am in SE Queensland Australia: rc at skymesh dot net dot au.

    Thank you

  12. Some U.S. heirloom seeds suppliers:

    I ordered from Territorial & Heirloom this year.
    Carla in North Idaho

  13. Please add me to the swap too
    han underscore ysic at hotmail dot com
    NSW australia (Same conditions as Rhonda.
    I'm into anything and have a few interesting ones I can send from the recent seedsavers conference

  14. I'm in!

    bel at spiralgarden dot com dot au is my email address. I'm in Queensland, Australia, so can swap with all Australian states except Western Australia and Tasmania AFAIK.

    Thanks for organising these swaps! xx

  15. Yes please.

    alexia dot broome at student dot qut dot edu dot au

    Caboolture, Queensland, Oz.

  16. Count me in - I just got my delivery from Seed Savers and couldn't possibly plant everything they sent. I'm in Ireland so this may depend on whether anyone else from Ireland wants to swap. I'm not sure import/expore restrictions are so strict here though so it's likely I'd be okay swapping with anyone in Europe. Will do a bit of research and let you know what I find out.

    jean dot maples at yahoo dotcodotuk

  17. Hi my name is Erikka and I am in the USA. I live in Massachusetts, the Boston area and I would LOVE to join your seed swap.

    smadaakkire at gmail dot com

  18. I would love to participate in this swap. My name is Ann and I live in Rossland,British Columbia, Canada. My email is forHim1981 at shaw dot ca.
    Two places here that I have ordered from are Eternal Seed (they are just working on their webpage, so you are best getting the paper catalogue) and West Coast Seeds (some heritage, some not).
    Carla, we are not far from you distance wise and we are still getting snow as well, more last night. I am so ready for it to be gone!!!

  19. I'd love to participate in this swap.

    kmhedges at gmail dot com

    Indiana, USA.


  20. I would like to be in this swap.I am in NSW, Australia and love growing heirloom vegetables and herbs too.
    email: sunnycorner2340 at yahoo dot com dot au

  21. I would love to be in the swap!

  22. The organic garden at Ryton in the UK also sells heritage seeds, its a brilliant place to visit if you are into organic growing, lots of interesting things to see and do and you can buy plants. is the wesite address for those of you in the UK who are interested.

  23. count me in...I live in Suoth Australia...littlepaddy@adam dot com dot au

  24. Would love to join in the seed swap! My name is Paula and I am in Australia - NSW.


  25. Hi Sharon,
    I"m in, same as Rhonda, can't seed seeds to W.A. or Tassie.
    looking forward to this.

  26. Please don't tell me I am too late for the swap.

    There is a story attached to it, but I won't air in public.

    marchett at bigpond dot net dot au
    western Australia


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