8 April 2008

Another set of shopping totes

to Sue from Hannah from Cherrie Rees to Jodie
from Jan Beane to Amy Bean

from Sharon L to Heather J
from Maria to Coleen

Wow- the totes are so pretty. Don't forget to send your photos to me at: cdetroyes at yahoo dot com. Sharon


  1. All the totes so far have been so beautiful. Thank you for posting the pictures. Great work Ladies. >:3

  2. I absolutely love all the totes you have posted. I only wish I could sew a straight line...or actually any line worth sewing without bunching thread on the back. hahaha
    Thanks for sharing the pics! It's inspiration..:)

  3. Hi ~
    Would the lady name Jan Bean who made the rooster tote contact me at Susiebeth1@yahoo.com ....or can someone tell me how to contact her?
    Blessings ~


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