11 September 2007

Under the kitchen sink

There could be anything down there but it's important to have the area under your kitchen sink clean and organised, with all your cleansers and cloths close to where they'll be used.

Store your kitchen cleansers, cleaning brushes and cloths under the kitchen sink. Or if you have a stack of hand made wash cloths, find a good looking container and have them sitting on your window sill. That's where mine are. I like looking at them when I wash up and they look good sitting there proudly displaying their home made origins.

I can't show you a photo of my under sink area at the moment, as we're still waiting for the insurance assessor to inspect the damage we had when the dishwasher hose split; it's empty. But when it's full, I have a small plastic basket to store my bicarb and soap in, and there is a pair of rubber gloves hanging over the side. I go through stages of using detergent, when I have dishwashing liquid for hand washing or dish washer detergent for the machine, it's stored in the basket with the bicarb. In another small plastic box I keep a bottle of ammonia, a box of yellow laundry soap, a bottle of white vinegar and some brushes. This keeps everything together and they can be easily be move to one side if I need to store something behind them.

Next to all this is our kitchen rubbish bin, which fits in nicely under the sink and is not out in the kitchen for the dogs to check out or visitors to see.

I wonder what it looks like under your kitchen sink. Does it need a clean out? Is today the day? If it is, it won't take long; it's such a small space.

If you want to clean that area, remove everything, wipe the space out with a soapy cloth and dry it all with another clean cloth. Then go through all your products and remove everything you don't need - either throw it out is it's old and unusable, or put it in the laundry room if you'll use it for other cleaning duties. Find a couple of containers that will conveniently hold the items you want under the sink, place everything in them and put them back under the sink. Make sure you have everything you'll need for kitchen cleaning.

See, all done! Now you can go and enjoy your morning tea knowing you have one important cleaning area in your home all tidy and organised.

Don’t forget to lock this cupboard with a childproof lock if you’re a parent of small children or if you have small children visit your home.
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