27 September 2007

Napkins and sauerkraut

The swapped napkins are starting to be received all over the world so I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that the deadline for posting is next Monday. Also, when you receive your parcel, would you take a photo of what you receive and send it to me? I want to make up a post with as many of the napkins as I can manage. Thanks everyone.

This is a photo of the sauerkraut I made from our home grown cabbages. It's delicious. I put it in jars this morning and will store it in the fridge. The stone crock next to the sauerkraut is the container I made the sauerkraut in. I also use it to make ginger beer. After each job, I fill the crock with warm water and vinegar to take away any smell. The crock is simply the botton bit of a spring water container. If you find one of these at a garage sale, grab it. They're very handy in the kitchen.

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