29 September 2007

A Spring afternoon

I took you all with me yesterday. I went to my friend Bernadette's home to pick up some cuttings and then down the road a bit to a meeting in Maleny. This is Mountain View Road, I didn't take a photo of the Glasshouse Mountains, which were behind me, but of a big new home and paddocks under construction. These horse heads are on both sides of the entrance but I couldn't fit them both in my photo.

Then I wandered on, down hill and dale, past contented moo cows.

Along pretty lanes where the verbena was shining in the afternoon sun.

Past palatial homes.

and pretty cottages ...

and gardens...

and into Bernadette's street.

After my visit, I went into Maleny to collect some seeds. This is the main street - Maple Street.

This is the supermarket I shop at when I don't go to Aldi. It's the original shop built about 100 years ago. Woolworths is down the road on Obi Obi Creek - a platypus habitat > : (
And here is the famous Upfront Club and Co-op that have been operating successfully as local co-ops for many years.

I was going to take more photos after the meeting, but it was too dark when I came home. I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into my afternoon. I'll be back later with another post.



  1. I found it interesting that you shop at Aldi 's and IGA in Australia and I shop at the same shops here in the states. It is a small world. Thank you for taking me along on your adventure

  2. Rhonda- so pretty and green!! (I live in the desert) and it looks so peaceful- you must enjoy it so much! Have a great day Sharon

  3. Hello there Rhonda! Thanks for the tour of where you live - it is lovely to have that context, eventough I never tire of seeing photos of your amazing garden.

    stay well and happy aniversary for yesterday


  4. I loved your tour Rhonda, thanks for sharing. The lane with the verbena was just beautiful. And Maple street what a great name. It makes me smile .

    cheers Lenny

  5. We've always meant to go up to Maleny for a Sunday drive but have never gotten quite that far. Kilcoy seems to be our turn around point. Thanks for the peek! It is very pretty.



  6. Very beautiful places - so greeny - thanks for the tour ;)


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