9 September 2007

Attention swappers!

There are so many ladies in this swap it's driving me nuts. I've already matched up a few partners with emails or postal addresses. If I haven't contacted you yet, would you please send me an email to:

rhondahetzel at gmail dot com

and tell me:
who your swap partner is, and
your email address

Thank you. That saves me trying to find people through their website or blogs.

There have been a further 15 women join the swap yesterday when I told Jewels and her ladies it was still ok to join. These ladies will be assigned their swap partners tomorrow. All ladies who have already been assigned a swap partner, that is unchanged.

Would all these ladies, including the anonymous who did not give her name, email me also with their email address: herbaltonya, mystele, leah, tami, morgan, emme, heartathome, marianna, christi, suzy myers. elizabeth and kathleene.

The napkins we are swapping must be 100% cotton, about 10 inches square (give or take) and should be in the mail no later than October 1. Preferably the napkins should be handmade by you, but if you can't sew, or don't have the time, it's ok to buy them. You should send four napkins, although if you want to send six, please go ahead. It is also ok to include anything else your heart desires. It is ok to send extras, it is ok to not send extras, it is totally up to you.

Thanks gals!
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