4 September 2007

Guest writer

I'll just do a small post now, and tidy up a couple of loose ends, and hopefully get time to post again later.

I'm so pleased to announce that I'll have the first guest writer on my blog this week. Bel from belindamoore.com will be sharing some of her wisdom with us. Bel is an Australian mum of six children, aged 3 - 13 years, who lives with her husband and kids on the Atherton Tableland. Bel will be writing about cloth sanitary pads this week and will follow it up, probably a week later, with information about cloth nappies/diapers. I'm sure we'll all learn a lot from her input. Thank you, Bel. Check out Bel's site. There is a lot of information sharing going on there about homeschooling, mothering and life in general.

How is everyone going with their electricity meter readings? Did you work out ways you can reduce your consumption after reading your meter? If you did, please tell me about it, either in the comments box or in an email. If you have any tips for us, let me know so I can share them on the blog.

It's really good to see everyone is so keen on preserving. I'll definitely write more about it in the weeks to come and I'll share some recipes with you all too. If you have a preserved/canned recipe that is a real winner, drop me a line and I might share it with everyone.

Now I'm off to make up the swap buddies list. Stand by swappers! : )


  1. with only two of us in this house we used 7.9 KwH of electricity daily during the week of the challenge which I was very pleased with but for the whole month of August our daily average was 9.7 KwH.

    During the week of the challenge the computer was used far less than usual and it and all it's extras are always turned off at the wall when not in use.

    The other difference was that we only used the TV to watch a half hour news service for five nights in the week. We read, talked and went to sleep early.

    Looking forward to seeing how others did.

  2. we have 2 meters ~ one for the hotwater system only and that averaged 4Kw over 8 days and the main meter averaged 9.7Kw. It was interesting to notice how the power usage increased by a couple of Kw when I used the washing machine and on the weekend it was higher as my daughter was watching TV in the morning.

    It was a great exercise that I'm going to continue with :)

  3. Thank-you Rhonda, for the invitation to contribute to your blog. I have completed the post regarding alternatives to disposable menstrual products, and will post about cloth nappies in the near future. I hope your readers find the information valuable.


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