20 September 2007

Our daily bread

This bread is incredibly easy to make. Today, instead of a loaf, I've made bread rolls. I'm having one soon with some tomato and boiled egg. : )

I want to thank everyone who left a birthday message for H, who, incidentally, has asked to be called by his full name now - Hanno. So Hanno asked me to thank every one of you. He sat down and listened while I read out the comments and he was pleased and a bit surprised to receive good wishes from all around the world. So thank you. You helped contribute to a lovely day.

He went on his first jaunt on the bike this morning - to the shops to pick up the mail and some milk. We bought him a helmet yesterday - asked for a discount and got one, so he's all set up for some free wheeling around the neighbourhood. Maggie, yes, helmets are compulsory here too and have been for donkey's years.



  1. What is your recipe for the bread rolls and how do you get that lovely shape. They look so light. Marlo

  2. Hi Marlo, the recipe is just my normal white bread recipe, which is here: http://down---to---earth.blogspot.com/2007/06/bread-making-for-beginners.html

    There are two shapes here. One is just a round roll with a cross cut into the top, allow to rise and bake. The other fancy one is: divide the dough up into 8 or 10 even pieces, roll each out into a long snake about 12 inches long and roll into a circle. Top with water and seeds, allow to rise and bake. : )

  3. Yummy!! Also I do like the new green background on your blog. Bella
    P.s. loved the previous photos of H on bike with dogs. Those dogs looked so cute and mischievously innocent if thats possible!

  4. Bread looks yummy, must try to fit at least one loaf a week into my schedule.

    How's H enjoying the bike?
    I got a new backpack for my birthday, so when I ride my bike I can do some errands on the way. I love my bike. Can't wait to shake off this cold I have so I can get back on it again.

    cheers Lenny

    ps Happy belated Birthday to H.

  5. Hi Rhonda,

    Your bread rolls looks delicious - i'll give it a try -

  6. Phew, I'm so pleased about the helmet Rhonda! You know how nurses fret about things like that!! LOL

  7. Rolls look great Rhonda, but then so does everything you cook!

  8. Rhonda, do you have a gas oven? Is that how you get your rolls to brown so evenly?

  9. I will be making some of these on the weekend. They look lovely.

  10. What wonderful looking bread... you mentioned how easy it is. Got any plans about sharing the recipe and directions?

    Here's to another productive day!

  11. Thank you, ladies!

    I really believe that everuyone should make their own bread, even if it's in a machine, which I do sometimes. Homemade bread is good for the soul and much better than store bought bread which is full of preservatives. Try this recipe and see for yourself.

    Gypsy quilter, yes I do have a gas oven and I always bake on a high setting, turning it down later if I need to.

    Debbie Ann, if you go to my 'bread making for beginners' post, it has the recipe and is a tutorial, with pictures, on how to make bread.

  12. Lovely Rhonda, I will check out you recipe and try them out, they look wonderful. Marlo


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