20 September 2007

Our daily bread

This bread is incredibly easy to make. Today, instead of a loaf, I've made bread rolls. I'm having one soon with some tomato and boiled egg. : )

I want to thank everyone who left a birthday message for H, who, incidentally, has asked to be called by his full name now - Hanno. So Hanno asked me to thank every one of you. He sat down and listened while I read out the comments and he was pleased and a bit surprised to receive good wishes from all around the world. So thank you. You helped contribute to a lovely day.

He went on his first jaunt on the bike this morning - to the shops to pick up the mail and some milk. We bought him a helmet yesterday - asked for a discount and got one, so he's all set up for some free wheeling around the neighbourhood. Maggie, yes, helmets are compulsory here too and have been for donkey's years.

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