20 September 2007

Happy birthday Lenny!

I hope you see this today. Everyone, Lenny is one of my adopted online daughters. I have several, some volunteered, some I claimed. : ) Nice gift you got, love. Hanno loves his bike, he's got a basket attached to the back bracket now.

I hope you have a lovely evening with your family and rest up so that cold goes. Take care. I send love and hugs.


  1. Thankyou Rhonda, you are so special. I feel honoured to be your adopted daughter, now i won't feel so bad everytime I ask for your advice or opinion on anything. :)

    I have had a great day, been very spoiled, relaxed and had lots of love and hugs.

    cheers Lenny

  2. Happy Birthday Lenny! Your package went in the mail a few days ago! Hope you like them!

  3. PS - Have I mentioned lately, Rhonda, how much I love your blog!!! I do!!! and tell Hanno Happy Belated birthday from us out here in Ontario Canada, near the nationa's capital in the lovely countryside!

  4. Rhonda, I love the new look! Very nice!

    Please tell Hanno "Happy Belated Birthday!" for me! It looks like he really likes his new bicycle. :)

    I'm working on my cloth napkins! I got the fabric washed and dried yesterday and hope to get them cut and sewn in the next couple days.

    I'm really enjoying reading all your posts, both current and older. You've shared some wonderfully helpful things. I added you to my own blog's sidebar so I can get here quickly and easily!

    Blessing to you,

  5. I've just found you- and am very glad I did too! I'm planning to make my own laundry powder. Did you know that our (English) Country Living has just launched their website (pretty good too). They have a sister magazine too called 'Coast' which is beautiful too. Check them out.

  6. I told him Niki. He's always wanted to go to Canada. One of our sons worked there for a year - at the Jasper Park Resort.

    Thanks Leah, I hope you continue to enjoy it. : )

    Janet Clare, are you teasing me ; ) ? I did check it out. Oh my, I love the site. Thanks for telling me. It will give me something to read when I'm missing the magazine.


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