ATTENTION Swap partners update updated

12 September 2007
I will be working on contacting the new swap partners today. Sharon, if you read this, can you email and let me know what still needs to be done. Thank you.

The new partners from Jewels blog are:

  • jewels and aslaug
  • herbaltonya and delee
  • mystele and heartathome
  • leah and christi
  • tami and elizabeth
  • morgan and marianna
  • emme and kathleene
  • kimberley and suzy myers
  • kimmie mom of 6 and aimee
Kimmie mama to 6, are you in the swap? If so, I have a partner for you. Is there anyone I've missed out? Please let me know asap ifyou signed up and I haven't listed you yet.

These ladies were assigned their swap partners earlier:
  • rhonda gay and karen
  • alita and darlene
  • niki and lenny
  • lib and michele
  • kate and kim
  • sharon and chookasmum
  • jenny and cheryl (copper's wife)
  • knitterforlife and kirsty
  • briget and pura
  • busy woman and dee
  • susan and debbie
  • lisa and heather
  • jen and bobbi jo
  • polly and mrs mk
  • tracy and jayedee
  • alexia and wyndesnow
  • rhonda jean and deb
  • carla and hannah
Just a reminder, the napkins may be posted anytime before Monday October 1; that is the final day for posting. The swap is for four cotton napkins, you may send six if you prefer. It's fine to add something else to the parcel, it's fine if you don't. Have fun with it. : )


  1. Hi Rhonda,
    I would love to join in on your swaps. Is there still time to join this one? If not can I join the next one?


  2. aimee, it's too late for this one but we'll have another one when this is finished and I'd love you to join in.

  3. Rhonda,
    It's hannah again, I emailed you but didn't hear back and my name wasn't on the list. You emailed me saying I was partnered with Carla and you had given her my email to contact me. She hasn't and I don't know how to contact her. Hoping you can help. Ta muchly


  4. hang ten, hannah. I'll sort it out and get back to you.

  5. aimee, we've partnered you with kimmee. Hannah, you're still with carla.

  6. Rhonda, could you please give me carla's email. I think you already have mine. Thanks again

  7. Hannah -
    Just a quick note - I emailed you today. Hope you received the message.


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