4 September 2007

Napkins swap partners

This swap is for four 100% cotton napkins, you can send six if you prefer, plus anything else your heart desires. It is fine if you send something extra, it is fine if you don't. The choice is yours. If your swap partner has click-able link (on their name in the swap comments box) to their email, please contact them to say hello and ask for postal details. If you can't make contact, email me and I'll contact them for you. If you are one of the swappers who has not got an email link, please email me with your postal details, as well as the name of your swap partner (so I don't have to keep looking at my list). Thanks everyone. I hope you all enjoy this swap and have some fun with it.

Here is the list of swap partners for the napkin swap.

rhonda gay and karen
alita and darlene
niki and lenny
lib and michele
kate and kim
sharon and chookasmum
jenny and cheryl (copper's wife)
knitterforlife and kirsty
briget and pura
busy woman and dee
susan and debbie
lisa and heather
jen and bobbi jo
polly and mrs mk
tracy and jayedee
alexia and wyndesnow
rhonda jean and deb

Ok swappers, start your engines. : )
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