8 September 2007

How much is too much?

I'm trying to get into a daily rhythm where I write my blog, then go on to other things that make up this life of mine. I usually get up at 4am and write my blog sometime between 4 and 7am. Then I have breakfast and get on with my day. But sometimes I get another idea for the blog and instead of sensibly writing down the idea for the following day, I usually have to type it up immediately and post. I am extremely impatient and when something comes to mind, it gets done THEN.

I read recently that bloggers should keep their blogging to one post a day. The reasoning was that if blog readers are subscribing via one of the feeders (and I still haven't quite worked out what they are), then getting a message more than once a day about a new post on a blog puts readers off and they stop reading. Is this true? And if it is, how much is too much?

Personally I love finding new posts when I visit some one's blog that I enjoy reading, but I'm well aware that I'm not quite normal, so that's probably not common. I actually do curb my need to post more frequently, I have so much to say! but I know that if I go at it like a bull in a china shop, I'll burn out and stop blogging altogether.

So help me out here. Are you annoyed to find too much info when you go to read a blog? Is it overwhelming if posts are too long? Do you like to find just one contained short post and nothing else? Do you like finding a long post and even more than one. : )

BTW, this isn't counted as a real post. LOL
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