8 September 2007

How much is too much?

I'm trying to get into a daily rhythm where I write my blog, then go on to other things that make up this life of mine. I usually get up at 4am and write my blog sometime between 4 and 7am. Then I have breakfast and get on with my day. But sometimes I get another idea for the blog and instead of sensibly writing down the idea for the following day, I usually have to type it up immediately and post. I am extremely impatient and when something comes to mind, it gets done THEN.

I read recently that bloggers should keep their blogging to one post a day. The reasoning was that if blog readers are subscribing via one of the feeders (and I still haven't quite worked out what they are), then getting a message more than once a day about a new post on a blog puts readers off and they stop reading. Is this true? And if it is, how much is too much?

Personally I love finding new posts when I visit some one's blog that I enjoy reading, but I'm well aware that I'm not quite normal, so that's probably not common. I actually do curb my need to post more frequently, I have so much to say! but I know that if I go at it like a bull in a china shop, I'll burn out and stop blogging altogether.

So help me out here. Are you annoyed to find too much info when you go to read a blog? Is it overwhelming if posts are too long? Do you like to find just one contained short post and nothing else? Do you like finding a long post and even more than one. : )

BTW, this isn't counted as a real post. LOL


  1. Your question how much is too much is a good one. I don't have a blog, would love to join the community but confidence in my ability to put words to paper so to speak have prevented me so far, so for now, I will continue lurking. Having said that I don't think there is "too much" or too many post. I discovered the world of blogging about a year ago and I have come to love the world created by so many talented people who are willing to share themselves. Your blog has become a favorite because of the well written posts but also I can depend on going to your blog each morning and you will have "given" a part of yourself in talent,knowledge about so many different subjects and they are not given in a "knowitall" air but a true feeling of sharing. I live in Virginia in the USA and I'm 70 years old. I have learned more from the blogging community than from any other source. I probably have a lot I could share and time will tell if I decide to join you. In answer to your question what is too much, I had rather have 2 or 3 post a day than some who go days without posting. Jewels is an example. She is a beautiful writer and has so much to share but days go by and there is nothing and I wonder is she ok, are the children ok or is she too busy and then I get out of the habit of checking her blog and that is sad. Sorry to ramble. Thanks for the opportunity to speak.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Nell, and thank you for your kind words.

    I'm sure you would have a lot to share too and you write well. I think there are too few older women blogging and if there is anything I can do to help you set up your own blog, please just email me and I'd be happy to help.

  3. I also, would very much like to blog but don't know if I could manage it timewise, or if I would have enough interesting things to say!

    I very much love blogs with frequent posts. I don't think there is such a thing as too many posts, on the contrary, visiting a favourite blog is very much like visiting a friend and to arrive at a favourite blog that hasn't had any recent posts is like popping in to visit someone only to find they are not home!:-)

    Blog away, Rhonda Jean. I very much enjoy visiting with you even if I don't always have time to leave a comment.


  4. Checking your blog and finding another post for the day is like finding an unexpected letter in the letterbox! It is a lovely surprise and I now enjoy checking more than once a day. It's a real treat to read another interesting thought. You say you blog as the inspiration hits, I think this can make a better post as it's fresh and full of energy. The only posts which seem too long are the ones I'm not so interested in so I just skip through those.

    I love your style of blogging. I often find your ideas a step back into my rural childhood and sift through to polish up the treasures.

  5. Rhonda Jean, you could quite easily write three times a day about paint drying and I would quite happily read all of it. You are interesting, informative and inspirational so I think you should do as YOU want and what YOU feel and think is right. I do very much enjoy reading your first post of the day while I have my morning coffee and any other posts you make throughout the day are enjoyed during my free time on the PC at night. I have started a blog myself but will see if I can post consistently before I 'come out' so to speak :-).

    Something to make you laugh - I was inspired by your lemon cordial so asked Chef at work if our F & V supplier could get me a few lemons at a good price (seconds etc). Chef called me yesterday afternoon barely able to speak for laughing 'I have your lemons, come see'. I now have a 20kg box of lemons. Yes, 20kg! Thankfully I can freeze the juice but guess what I'm doing this weekend?

  6. I really enjoy getting online a couple times a day, throughout our homeschool day, for a couple minutes at a time, and checking out my favorite blogs! I love to find a couple of shorter ones throughout the day, rather than taking a longer time (and more brain energy!) to read a more extensive one. I enjoy just hearing about other women's daily lives, as I go about mine. I find that I am not so very different than them! I'd love to have my own blog someday, but I just throw some of that energy into my daily handwritten journal, until I find out how to easily have my own blog! Thank you so much for your wonderful insights and information! I love learning!!

  7. I have my morning coffee whilst reading your morning post and any others ~ in fact I missed not reading it when you were away!!

    I jump on here a couple of times a day so the more you post the merrier :) Post as much as YOU like.

    I understand that some people don't have the time to post more often but I like to read as much as I can.

  8. Perhaps you should read my "one size does not fit all" post I wrote today Rhonda. :-) I think it applies to blogging as well as to blog readers. We're all different and we love you for who YOU are. So go with your gut. :-)

    I try to post daily (unless I'm away) and occasionally will post a second post if it's time sensitive. I do agree that it's good to write while an idea is fresh although sometimes I'll have something that churns more in the back of my mind for a few days before I'm ready to write about it.

    And things I want to share like photo's of crafts I've been doing, I kind of keep track of to use on days when I either don't have time for a more thought out post.

    Personally, I prefer short to medium posts as I find my brain short circuits trying to digest longer posts. For that reason, if I have a subject that is lengthy, I'll sometimes break up the posts into more than 1 part and post over a number of days (for example my posts about my journey toward a simpler lifestyle ended up being 8 posts - glad I didn't try to cram it all into 1 post lol).

    Back to your blog (sorry) - I can't help but check back more than once a day (if I'm home) to see if you've added anything else. I do love reading what you have to say and your style is very easy to read. :-)

    Nell & others (if you read this) - go ahead and give it a go. It's surprising as you build up a relationship with your readers, how many ideas come that you may not have thought to share before.

  9. I love to find more than 1 post a day on your blog Rhonda. I think I prefer medium length so I don't spend too much time here reading. I agree about it being like popping in on a friend and sometimes I come to visit just to reassure myself that I'm normal.

    I too would love to blog but wonder if I can spare the time to write (my typing is slow, but getting faster) and also do I have anything of interest to write about. I was never very good at essays at school and that scares me too. Maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage and start. I do keep a journal because I love the actual act of writing and letting all the thoughts out of my head.

    So post as often as you like Rhonda.

    cheers Lenny

  10. Rhonda, it's your blog so you must feel free to blog any way your heart desires.I like blogs that update daily but I appreciate that many people don't have the time or inclination to do that. I wouldn't want you to feel that you have to blog more or less to please your readers.

  11. Rhonda I think you should do what ever you like! I have trouble reading your blog if my eyes are tired but if I high light the text its fine. I really need glasses then I wouldn't have any trouble at all and I would be able to read your blog (& others ) a lot more frequently LOL. I also don't comment as often as I would like cause I cant make out some of the word verifications LOL Post as often as you like! I think its evident that your blog is loved and treasured!

  12. I have only recently come across your blog, and I think it's great. I do subscribe to the feeds for your blog (although it's not working at the moment), and I like that you write a few shorter posts throughout the day. Your posts are good bite sized pieces I can read when I have a few quiet moments to myself, ( I have a 2 year toddler who is very demanding). My advice would be to do what makes you happy, and if you have the urge to write more than one post a day, then go for it.

  13. Rhonda, I do read most of my regular blogs through Googles Reader program. I have never had a problem with too many posts. On the contrary, I have more often than not stopped reading a blog when the author seems to never have the time or ideas to write about. (much like mine has been lately I am sad to say.) I really enjoy the fact that I can pop in here in the morning, and even in the evening, and almost always find good well writen article.

  14. I think that it's great to post heaps. Not posting for the sake of it, but genuinely sharing... Thank you for the time you take to share with your readers. I wish I had so much to share...

  15. I've just discovered your blog....oooh, it's so choc-full of good stuff to read...keep posting!! I've just started blogging and it's so much fun! Please come by sometime and have a cup of tea with me! God Bless, xx

  16. The more the better as far as I'm concerned. Hmmm, might be why I have 7 children.
    I enjoy a limited amount of blogs and yours is at the top of my list. It is always a pleasure to find a new post and I would like to read as many as you will write.
    The only thing that will turn me off is relentless blogging about personal subjects. Two weeks of photos of the newest kitten will usually send me on my way. That's just me though. I like topic blogs.


  17. Lol, Rhonda isn't it wonderful to have such kindred spirits. And Nell, amazing, I read some blogs and web pages from 70 plus years women and it is truly wonderful. Having distance and loss preventing me having grandparents I am blessed to have the internet to connect to the wisdom and stories from the past. Ditto for the comments above, ie. love to visit often, short to medium length, topics and education preferred rather than personal kitten stories that perpetuate into sagas. Yes its like going to the letter box and receiving a letter from a dear friend. Don't change a thing Rhonda, unless you want to!
    P.s. I do feel spoilt when you post more than once a day and absolutely love it! but also wonder that it may be too much for you and that then you may stop altogether...oh no!!

  18. i tend to agree with nell....i'd rather too many posts than too few. what's too many? i don't know, i haven't seen too many yet! LOL
    i think part of the beauty of blogging is sharing of oneself. of course there will be days you have more to say than others and i say post away! i love learning about you and your life and feasting on the little nuggets of wisdom you send us!
    don't change a thing!

  19. LOL It is NOT counted as a real post at all, AT ALL!!! So we need at least one new post today! AT LEAST! lol...
    Rhonda Jean we are so blessed by your blog and ideas ( maybe not the WORMS, ewwww...ok I'm working on that) encouragement, teaching, caring please DON'T STOP just keep blogging as much as your little heart desires we will keep reading!!

  20. I don't think there can be too much. I get so excited when I go to blogs I love and find a comment. I learn, I smile, I laugh, I cry with all my friends. Seeing a new entry is like getting a letter in my mailbox.
    Please don't slow down on the number of entries. If you have a thought...well...you just march on over to that computer and blog it, ok lady?! :-) I love reading all you have to write.
    Thanks for blessing us all with you wonderfull blog!!!

  21. I like seeing posts. Short, long, multiple...It's all appreciated by me when I visit a blog.

    Sometimes it's easier for someone with a lot of other things going on to post a few times with shorter entries than it is to sit down a do a really long one.

    When it's on one of my favorite blogs, I enjoy reading anything..whether it's something profound or only something simple such as what the person had for lunch.

  22. Wow, never could be too much here! Just discovered you through Jewels' blog, and have been blissfully enjoying this past hour as I've read some of your entries! Keep 'em coming! Thank you for sharing! Christina in Kansas, US

  23. Everyone has already said it so well! I check your blog a couple times a day and love to read your thoughts!! So you just type away!!! Never too much in my opinion!!!


  24. Please continue to blog away! You have so much to say and you have such a way with words it is a real treat for your readers. So please continue! Have a great day! Alexia

  25. I love coming here and finding new posts! I have learned so much from you. My husband is in love with you because of your wormbed post. LOL Keep posting all the time!!!!

  26. Rhonda Jean I love reading your blog. If you blogged 20 times a day I would still read it. You are a wealth of information and I love reading that information. In the short time that I've been reading your blog I have learned so much. You really are an inspiration.
    Thank you


  27. I try to keep it to 1 post a day, because of two reasons: one, I don't want to overwhelm those who read my blog, and two, if I have a good idea, I want to give it enough space and proper attention, and that doesn't happen if it only stays at the top of my blog for a few hours ;)

    Like you, if I get an idea into my head, I want to write it down right there and then. So I have a lot of pre-written, ready-to-post stuff, which is good for days when I don't feel like writing anything at all!

  28. You can never have enough.....

    oh,....that's the mentality we're leaving behind in our quest for more simple, frugal lifestyles!

    But it still applies to you and your wonderful posts!! I am never put of to see two new posts when I check in! Of course, I am very new to the world of blogging, but I say do what works for you!! The more the better for us!!

  29. Thanks everyone! Thank you for such good feedback. Being a writer for 20 years, I always write with my readers in mind. There is no point to writing if you don't write for a reader, unless you're writing a private journal or diary. So I'll just keep going along my merry way, write whatever comes to mind and hope the enjoyment of it continues for you. : )

  30. I'm not put off by the number of posts. However, I will admit that the longer a post is the more difficult it is for me to read online. I'll scan usually and if it is something I really want to read I will print it off.

  31. I agree with all the comments here. I pop in usually once or twice a day not always leaving a comment, (Sorry). I always look forward to your new threads as Im learning so much from them. Keep going Rhonda, Im so greatful for your sharing. Marlo

  32. This is a bit late... but can I say that I LOVE your blog!! I am in my late 30's and find I am crossing over between the "younger, fluffy blogs" to the "wiser, deeper blogs". I just love that you have given such wisdom, in a great quantity. I use many of the things you share here, and I am so very, very grateful. It's like a breath of fresh air!
    Keep blogging! As much as you are willing. You are a fascinating person with so much wisdom to share, which will be passed down to my children and grandchildren. You reach more than just the readers here... you reach generations to come!
    Blessings to you,

  33. I'm a bit late chiming in here....I use bloglines to keep track of the blogs I read, and for some reason it had not told me you'd updated. For days!! I finally came to check for myself, and sure enough, you've quite a few new posts!

    I'll just reiterate what others have said....You should blog the way you want to. It's your place to do just that. I, for one, am loving everything you are posting. I am learning new things, being reminded of things I used to do but don't anymore, and am encouraged to keep on with the things I am doing. If I don't have time to read everything you write on a particular day, I can always come back when I do have the time.

    Keep up the great work, Rhonda Jean!


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