15 September 2007

The living is easy

This is the nightie I'm taking the sleeves from.

The weekend is here again and I'm enjoying this fine Spring day. I have a load of washing on and soon I'll hang that to dry. While I'm out there, I'm going to check on the garden and give it some water. I love watering the garden with a hose. I can give the water lovers a bit extra, fill the bird baths with clean fresh water and make sure all the pot plants are moist and growing well. Watering is a good time for observation, and observation can make or break a garden.

I'll make some bread later, and some fresh pasta for our main meal. I would also like to make some tea cake muffins but I might not have time for them today. Now that the warmer weather is here I'm also thinking of ginger beer and more lemon cordial. I have about 8 litres of pure lemon juice frozen so I might defrost some of that or start a ginger beer plant this afternoon.

Most of my day will be inside, or at least on the front verandah, sewing. I finished off my napkins yesterday and started a bit of hand sewing on an extra frou frou I'll be sending with them. I'm also modifying a white cotton nightie by removing the long sleeves, which irritate me. There is some work to be done on Christmas gifts and a spot more knitting to do. I am fortunate to have so many lovely things to occupy my hours.

It's a real delight to sit out there with my sewing and knitting. The dogs amble past, the cat sits in the next chair, birds of all varieties fly around and in the silence of a still day, I hear our neighbour, the whip bird, send out his striking "whiiiiiiiiiiiiip" call. H wanders out to see what I'm doing, sometimes he brings a cool drink, sometimes he sits to rest and talk. I tell you, the living is easy on our front verandah.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoy your weekend. : )
Updated at 2.45pm. All done. A cool nightie for the coming months.
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