13 September 2007

Habits of a lifetime

We are taking most of our evening meal from the garden today. I've picked cabbage, carrots, capsicum, daikon radish and red onions for coleslaw, some rocket and a frilly lettuce, the last of the green beans and snow peas. I have tomatoes and cucumber, from the local market, ready to slice. Eggs have been collected and are now boiling and the bread is baking. Soon I'll cook some of our kipfler potatoes which I'll serve with butter and parsley. Our dessert will be mango yoghurt for H and one of our oranges for me. A simple but satisfying meal after a busy day's work; I'm getting hungry. : )

I want to say thank you to everyone who calls by to read my blog. Without you, there would be much less gratification for me in the writing. It is such a joy for me to read your comments and emails and to see the sisterly embrace of the swap. We have created a world wide sewing circle that I'm very proud to be part of, and I'm impatient to see lots of photos of the napkins. I started making mine this afternoon.

So that's another day winding down to its slow end. H will be in shortly and he'll say: What time is dinner? We always eat at the same time and he always asks it. The habits of a life time never seem trivial and hearing H ask that tells me that all is right in my world.

I'll see you again tomorrow, friends. : )
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