8 December 2007
I love you people! I love the support you've given me and my blog, it truly astounds me that it's become so popular. A few weeks ago I added the Amazon book widget to my side column. I tried to make it inconspicious for those not interested but as interesting as possible for those who were. I've just checked my account for the first time since I added it, and my readers have bought over $270 worth of books and DVDs through my account. That gives me a commission of just under $20. Not much, but it means more to me than the dollars and cents.

I love the simple things this life presents, and generosity is one of the simple values I treasure most of all. How grateful I am to everyone who have bought their books and DVDs, silently and without fanfare. It is that quiet and tender grace that I appreciate so very much.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me today and to all those who have used my Amazon portal, I thank you sincerely for your generosity.


  1. Don't know if I should admit this, as these days I try to borrow from the library instead, but I've used your portal to pick up a few books for winter-time reading and gifts! You won't tell, will you?! ;-)

    Not sure if you still get credited if I am hopping around over at Amazon once I get there? But I'm glad it has worked in some way for you.

  2. I love this blog, Rhonda Jean and I pop on here every evening to see if it is morning yet over your side of the world....

    I haven't posted much. I am a long, long way from living a simple life but finally I am taking some baby steps. I cleaned and began reorgainising my kitchen cupboards today and thought hard about which things I use and need close to hand in my small kitchen, which things are 'seasonal' like the ice-cream maker and smoothie maker, and particular baking tins that can all live in a cupboard in the hall, and also which things I honestly don't use and so will give away for someone else to enjoy.

    I have a long way to go, even to get my kitchen functional.... and then there is the rest of the house and my life to sort out.

    But, do you know what - I enjoyed today. My heart was in it and it made all the difference. Thank you for sharing your own life and bringing warmth and inspiration into mine xxx

  3. Thank you wildside! I know there are a few of you and I appreciate your kindness.

    Hello Anita, welcome. I LOVE getting comments like yours where I see that people are moved to make their own simple changes AND find the joy in it. Maybe I shouldn't say this but some days it's a real push to get my post written. When I read a comment such as yours, it makes it all worthwhile and keeps me going. Please keep in touch and let me know how you go. : )



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