19 December 2007

Apron swap photos 2 - UPDATED

sandra tee to kristi

lisa to ingeborg

Above is a late addition of a photo I couldn't find yesterday. If you've sent a photo that's not included with the swap pix, please let me know.

I hope you've enjoyed this swap, and seeing the photos, as much as I have. Here is the last batch.

ruthie to robin

kristi to sandra tee

sharon to emily

sissigy to jacky

tracy to jessica

polly to billie

rachel to denise

rebecca to mary

rhonda jean to lucy

rhonda jean to sharon

Oops, I forgot to add the aprons I received from Sharon and Lucy. I have Lucy's here, which is a lovely crossed straps at the back apron. Both the aprons Sharon sent are in the wash. I'll take a photo of them when they're clean and ironed, and slip them in here. I have to say too that I love all my aprons. If you see the photo above of the apron Lucy sent me, you'll see we used identical fabric. : )

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