9 December 2007


I'm feeling pretty sad today. I found out this morning that Kathleen's mother died late last night. Kathleen and I are very close, she is my best friend and second sister. Kathleen is one of 11 children.

I know from expereince that the day your mum dies is embedded for all time into your soul. My mother, Jean St Clair McGrath, died in 1993 from non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She died as I was flying from Queensland to Sydney to be at her side. I will never forget that day. It was a day of total shock for me as I always believed that Jean would never die. She was a strong, old fashioned, working class woman who made me the person I am today. I'm thinking about Jean as I grieve with Kathleen for her mum.

I've asked Kathleen to come stay with us for a few days after the funeral. She works at a remote mine West Australia and will fly to Mount Isa for the funeral. I hope she'll come here before she goes back to work as she will need looking after and lots of hugs.

If you're lucky enough to have your mum at the end of the phone, or better still, just around the corner, ring her or go and visit and tell her you love her.

You never know when that simple opportunity will come to an end.


  1. Hi Rhonda Jean :) Sending you love and hugs as you remember your precious mom and grieve with Kathleen. I am remembering my lovely mom, too, as I read. Aren't we blessed beyond words to have had them at all? Love, Q

  2. Oh Rhonda I feel for you and Kathleen, I hope that she is able to spend some time with you, so you can comfort each other, remember the times past and grieve together. My own mum died on 17th Dec 12 years ago this year. I think I miss her more now than when she first died. I don't think it gets easier you just learn to live with it. I often remind my friends to make the most of every moment they have with their parents.


  3. I am so sorry for you and your friend. Hugs and love Sharon

  4. I don't know your friend, but I do know her pain, as my own is still fresh. My own sweet Mama died in April, and not a day goes by but that I miss her! Tomorrow would have been her 88th birthday.

    My thoughts are with you and Kathleen.

  5. I am sorry for your friend Kathleen's loss and also for the loss of your own mother.

    I am still very fortunate to still have both my mother and my maternal grandmother, and I treasure them both. It grieves me that I will not get to have them for unconditional love and support forever.



  6. {{HUGS}} to you and your friend.

  7. Hi Rhonda,

    Luckily my Mum is still around and with any luck is due to be for quite a while yet.

    At this point in my life the day that is forever etched into my memory is the day I lost my paternal Grandmother. She was the strong woman that introduced me to the idea of strong extended family ties, preserves and soap savers.

    I have so many gifts that she freely gave I was never able to thank her for.

    Best wishes

  8. We've just lost a mom too...

    Hugs to you & Kathleen.

  9. I'm thinking of your friend at this sad time and everyone who has lost a mother.

    I still have my mum. At times our relationship is rocky (for many reasons) but she's still my mum and I'm so glad she's part of my life.

  10. Dear Rhonda, you are so right about that. The truth hit me so bitterly when my much loved aunt died of cancer two years ago. It makes me treasure every moment I have with Mom, and even more - with Grandma, who will soon be 92.

  11. Funnily enough earlier today I stopped by to visit my parents. They only live 5 minutes drive from here, but I know they won't be around forever. I make sure I leave with a parting kiss or hug each time I visit. My Mum is the last of her family of 7 children and last year she said goodbye to her remaining siblings. Going to their funerals reminded me that I am so lucky to still have her and my dad around.
    -hugs- to both you and Kathleen.

  12. I truly feel for your friend. As a girl who grew up without a Mom, I know that pain. It digs into your soul and stays there forever. Prayers for her and her family.

  13. Sending you thoughts n prayers.



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