The comforts of home

3 December 2007

There was a time when I would have been extremely bored waking up in the morning and knowing every single thing that would happen to me that day. Now, that is what I hope for. I love knowing every nook and cranny of my home. I love doing the same thing at the same time, I relish the familiarity of it all. I don’t have to think too much about what will crop up, there is no anxiety about not knowing, and the day rolls along with one thing following the other and minute by minute the hours become another day. A day spent at home.

The strangest part of this kind of familiarity is that it feels fresh every single day. I rise, shower, write, eat breakfast, bake bread, work in the garden, sew or knit, care for the animals and do my general chores every day, and each time it feels new and that this day is one of a kind. It never gets boring; it gets better.

One reason I have grown so comfortable with this kind of life is that my home is like my work of art. I hope it will become my masterpiece. I believe that I have done the best work of my life at home. I might not have been paid for it, but it paid off in many ways money never could have. Hanno and I have created a shelter here for ourselves, our family and friends. We have a home that is more than a place to sleep and store our possessions, it nourishes us, in both body and soul.

We have turned our very ordinary brick house on a one acre block into a home that we thrive in. It is our own mini world. We have organic vegetables growing in the backyard. There are fish swimming in aquaponics tanks. Rainwater has been harvested from the roof tops and on that same roof, the sun is heating our water. Fruit is growing to juicy maturity; plump chooks are laying eggs every day and soon they will hatch baby chickens. Thousands of worms devour our organic waste and they in turn sometimes become food for fish and fowl. A creek flows by providing the water for a rainforest that gives us protection from the wind, and within the confines of that rainforest embrace, regeneration and life goes on.

Inside bread is baked, sauces made, jams processed and stored. Gifts are made for friends far away, the house is cleaned, soap is hardening, books are read, ginger beer is brewing and afternoon naps are sometimes taken on the verandah. Dinner is made from backyard produce and what is stored in the stockpile cupboard and pantry. Slowly, and with only the sounds of our home, each day is pieced together.

If you haven’t yet discovered the true beauty and comfort of your own home, there is buried treasure waiting for you. All it will take is for you to decide what it is you want your home to be, and then work towards that. It won’t happen overnight – this is slow process and, like housework, it will never end, but making a real home is another one of those valuable things that will serve you as much in the journey as in the destination.

at Elements in Time wrote about Finding Home yesterday and it is a similar idea to this. It is well worth a read.


  1. I too try to make my home comfortable for family and friends, but sometimes I feel thee are not enough hours in each day. I look forward to a time where I no longer work away form home and I have more time to devote to nurturing my home and garden. Until then I'll dow aht I can. I too like routine and knowing what is ahead for me each day. Today i am breaking routine and catching a bus to work and a train home, to try and offset my rising fuel bill!
    Take care of you

  2. Rhonda this is a lovely post. I feel this way about my home and life and always have. I think the more you do at home the more you want to be there to enjoy it. I see so many who spend vast amounts of energy and money on home renovations to buy their lifestyle but then spend many hours away from their homes to get away and relax. A home life , well lived is a beautiful thing , it nurtures the soul and takes you on a wonderful journey.

  3. This post is saying how Im feeling right at the present moment. With all your encouragement and wise words, I have started to enjoy housework it's amazing how much more you can get done when you like what you are doing. I now spend more time at home infact I only go out when I have Toy library, playgroup and need to buy food.

    Today after toy library Im planning a new garden area with my son it will be his play area and garden, we have spent the weekend extending our shed and now have a great place to set up Rorys swings and tramp. I love my space and Im totally enjoying every moment setting up this piece of paradise. Thanks Rhonda. Marlo

  4. Another great post.I'm so glad to find someone who understands why we live our lives as we do and 100% HAPPY and Less Stress!

  5. Well explained !
    Rhythm and routine are very important parts of our lives.

  6. a very good post. it sometimes takes time to make a house a home...but once you find what works..there certainly is "no place like home"

  7. While enjoying this post, I noticed you brew your own ginger beer. I have bought it in stores before, but it is expensive and would love to know how to brew my own. Can you share your recipe?


  8. "If you haven’t yet discovered the true beauty and comfort of your own home, there is buried treasure waiting for you."

    Mine is buried deep! I'll just have to keep digging, eh?!

    No, what I mean is that there is truth in what you say. Just have to continue on, step by little step and practice patience in working out the puzzle. Thank you for the words of encouragement.

  9. Rhonda, what a beautiful post. Thank you. I'm always inspired by you.

  10. Rhonda ~

    This post is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for always being able to put my thoughts into words. :)


  11. Hello everyone. Thank you all for reading and commenting.

    Jenn, my ginger beer recipe is here:

    Wildside, keep digging. LOL

  12. This post is so beautifully written. It inspires me to change the way I live.

  13. I found your blog not too long ago. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us. I love that your summer is our winter - I can enjoy your garden photos and dream and plan mine for next year. I must say, I was very surprised to find that you grow so much on an acre of land! We only have a little less than 1/4 acre, but there's hope! If I could grow a small portion of what you do I could feed my family so much better! Could you possible post a sketch of your garden plan? What you grow and where? I'm a pretty new gardener (I still kill more than I harvest), and I'd love some ideas.

    Thanks again

  14. I absolutely LOVE your blog! The garden is enchanting, your recipes inspiring, and your projects beautiful. Having stumbled upon your blog, I immediately saved it to my Favorites folder! You make your yogurt quark just like my aunt taught me! I hope you don't mind... I added a link from my website to yours. http:/

  15. Hi there...again
    I had wrote you earlier about the Loofah that dropped seeds in my shower...
    All I want to say is....
    I would love to spend a day with you just learning and experiencing! You are marvelous darling! lol



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