12 December 2007

A bit of aquaponics gardening

I had some good news when I came home from work yesterday. My oldest son Shane phoned to say he's not working on Christmas day and he'd like to come to the Christmas breakfast in the park with us. I'm so pleased! I'll be able to show him off and introduce him to the people I work with and some new friends I've made. LOL Being a chef, he'll be able to help us with the food too. Shane and Kerry will be here next Monday evening for our family Christmas dinner. Hanno is cooking up a German meat fest :- O and Shane is bringing some green prawns and will cook something with them that I'll eat. While all this cooking is going on, I'll be at a meeting at work and will just have to swan in and take my place at the table. Good eh? I'm a sly old dog sometimes. LOL

On my way home from work yesterday I called into IGA to pick up some local milk and also collected some heirloom seedlings to plant in the aquaponics garden. A little nursery in the heart of Maleny's main street sells heirloom seedlings they grow from Digger's seeds. I bought watermelon, silverbeet (chard), mixed lettuce and buttercrunch lettuce (pictured above). I usually plant my own seeds but I've been too busy lately and these need to go in now. I'll plant them all this morning.

I took this photo of some of our fish - clicking on the photo will enlarge it. I just fed them and in this photo you'll see one fish with its mouth wide open. There are a few fish there now that are much bigger than these but they always stay on the side and it's very difficult to photograph them.

The rest of today I'll be baking, knitting and cleaning the area here where I type. When we had our renovations done, lots of junk accumulated on my work table
. I have an old table behind me where I write letters and store my household journal, handwritten recipes, my work diary and notebooks and little bits of this and that. While I'm at it, I'll also clean out a shelf and shred old computer paper for the hens' nests.

And now I'm off to comment on comments and to answer a few of the many emails that poured in over the past few days. Thank you to everyone who expressed concern over what happened here this week. I always appreciate your thoughts and comments but this week's were special, to both Hanno and I.



  1. Sounds like Christmas is coming together at your house!! I'm sooo envious of your garden at the moment! Snow and ice is all I see her in Nebraska! Take care!


  2. Wow that is exciting. Your son being able to spend Christmas with you.
    We have finished our bookings for our OZ trip. We will give a wave as we walk passed the IGA while in Maleny. Maybe you will be in the shop that day. We are going to spend a day in the area and are following your suggestions you gave us before.
    We are so looking forward to some warmth and sunshine. It is snowing right now and we are expecting another 20cms. and along with that some freezing rain. We must have more snow so far this year than we had for all of winter last year. This will help drastically raise our rivers and lakes. Ontario has over 1/2 of the worlds fresh water but it has been declining drastically over the years. It's hard for us to comprehend water shortages. My mother in law (lives in Brisbane) is having to have very quick showers and is on strict water restrictions but you probably already know this.
    I just hope that my efforts for conserving water and using NO chemicals in the day to day running of the house are paying off to some extent.
    Thanks for your writings, I look forward to them everyday. I know you say you aren't perfect, that is the reason you are so looked up to......because you aren't perfect yet you are what we all inspire to be.

    Thanks again


  3. Oh dear I'm sorry that comment was so long. I forgot to ask, do you know what your next swap is going to be of?

    Thanks, Paula

  4. The fish look so healthy! I love to read about your aquaponics. I hope to one day try it myself, but that day's a ways off.
    On a side note, I'm curious to know how the yogurt incubating method you commented on works out for you if you decide to try it.

    All the best.

  5. stay warm, Kristina. I have to tell you, I wouldn't might a bit of snow here at the moment.

    Paula, I hope you really enjoy your time here. We have no water restrictions here but we use much less than the Brisbane restrictions. I'm still thinking about the next swap but it will probably be a tea cosy. It will suit both knitters and those who sew.

    Patric, I haven't done any yoghurt lately, I'll be starting some next week. I'll try to remember to do something on aquaponics later in the month.


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