Apron Swap Reminder

11 December 2007
I know we are all hoping things get back to normal at Rhonda's, that the chooks are not too traumatized by their troubles, and that Mary's eggs are doing well. I just wanted to pop in and remind everyone in the swap to check in with Lorraine or myself and to send pictures of your parcels to Rhonda. I know that there are a few ladies that posted their parcels late for very good reasons so if any of you are still looking to recieve your parcels do let us know when they come in. Have a wonderful day-or a relaxing evening! Sharon and Lorraine


  1. Hello I received my apron yesterday from Denise in England.
    Hoping hubbie is able to send a photo as I cant!!!


  2. I haven't rec'd mine yet and I don't think that Auslaug has rec'd hers, at least I haven't heard that she has...post is slow at this time of year, though.

  3. Niki- the post is very slow right now-being used to receiving parcels from Europe it can take a long bit of time. Thanks for letting us know !

  4. Hi. I have recently found your blog and love it. I hope you won't think me rude if I say you bear a striking resemblance to this lovely actress , Gina Gold on the UKs most popular police series The Bill- nothing to do with your blog of course!

  5. Swappers, I've received quite a few aprons photos and will do a post showing them soon. Keep the photos coming in and they'll be included.

    Sharon and Lorraine, thank you both so much for the help you give me with this. I think I might have dropped the swaps by now as they take so much organising. It's great to be able to keep them going with your help.

    Tracy, I checked out Gina's photo and we do look a bit alike. The Bill is on TV here but I never watch night time TV now so I've not seen Gina in action. : )

  6. My daughter received her apron, I have not photographed it, camera problems. Received it from Ann in Melbourne.

    I have not received mine. I am emailing her in a bit to make sure all is well with her. My partner is Joanna Huckabay.
    My email is penofjen(at) yahoo(dot)com

    By the way, my daughter loved this as did I. Thank you for organizing such a neat project.

  7. Rhonda, Have you ever considered hosting your swaps on Swap-Bot? Swaps can be international as well as private. That may help you reduce the amount of organizing. Once the swap sign up closes the host sets the process in motion and partners are randomly assigned. Each person who has signed up receives the name and address of the person they will be swapping with. Swappers update when their items are shipped.

    I've been swapping through Swap-Bot for a couple of months and have received some wonderful packages, including a very sweet hand made needle book from a swapper in Portugal.

    It may be something that can help you simplify the swap process.


  8. Hi, I haven't received mine yet. I have mailed heathers (scarlett 1031)but haven't heard if she has received it yet. Mail is slow at christmas


  9. Hello Rhonda

    I received mine recently from Jen in Queensland and I know she received mine in return

    Will email over the weekend - Jen's is on my blog if anyone is interested. She is going to post piccies of mine soon


  10. I received my aprons (2 of them!) from Donna. I'm not sure if she's receved mine yet.

    I'll try to email a photo to you as soon as I can.

  11. thanks for the updates, everyone. : )

    Christine, we'll look into swap bot. Thanks.



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