19 December 2007

Apron swap photos 1

These are some of the aprons sent in our most recent swap. We had ladies from all round the world sewing and sending off their wonderful creations. Thanks to everyone who took part in the swap and thanks to Sharon and Lorraine (chookasmum) who helped organise this mammoth task. I couldn't have done it without them.

There are a few aprons held up in the Christmas mail. I hope the ladies who receive late aprons will let us know when they arrive and send a photo. I'll do another post with the straggler aprons in the new year.

Here is a list of apron swappers:
Maria in NC and Paula
Jessica Chapman and Tracy (unlessthelord)
Donna and Allybea
Rhonda Jean and Sharon
Jenny (wren) and Ingvild
Elizabeth and Mrs MK
Daisy81 and Becky
Jackie @ Redcliffe and Sisiggy
Ann in Melb and Jennifer's daughter
Lisa J and Ingeborg
Kimberly and Jill
Dee and Donetta
Ruthie and Scooter Sissy (Christie)
Tracy (sunnycorner) and Lis
Aslaug and Niki
Coleen and Peggy
Bren and Han_ysic
Ann (UK) and Robbie
Sandra Tee and Dirkey
Heather1031 and Debbie
Aimee and Our Red House
Helen Thomas and Rebekka
Emily and Karen
Greeneyes and Tami
Chookasmum and Mama K
Christine and Leah
Mary and Rebecca
Polly and Billie
Rachel Read and Denise
Jodie and Margaret39
Solstiches and Maria
Jen and Cathy
Jennifer and Mrs H
Judy and Brigit's friend Jennie
Lucy and Rhonda Jean
kaiya to chookasmum

leah to christine

lis to tracy

tracy to lis

margaret to jodie
jen to cathy

jennifer's daughter to ann

jessica to tracy

jodie to margaret

judy to jennie
alleybea to donna
ann to robyn

billie to polly

hannah to bren

ingeborg to lisa
There are some more photos in the following post.


  1. Those are wonderful!! What a talented bunch of ladies!!! Love each and every one of them!! One day, I will learn to properly sew and may even be able to participate in these wonderful swaps!!!

    (central Illinois)

  2. What beautiful fancy aprons-well done! Rose

  3. I LOVE to see all the aprons. I lost your page ( with a computer crash) I'm happy I found you back. I love your new header picture!


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