2 December 2007


Hello all. I just wanted to post a request for all the apron swappers. We hope all of you have had a lot of fun with this swap and we want to make sure that each swapper receives her parcel. To this end, we would like everyone to check in with the leader of their swap, either me (Sharon) or Lorraine when they receive their parcel. Rhonda would also like an e-mail with a photo of the apron so she can post it on the blog, as it is always fun to look at everyone's handiwork and to see your handiwork pictured on the net!! With the napkin swap, we had a very few parcels lost somewhere in mail land so as everyone checks in we can more easily see if any of the aprons get swallowed by the lost mail monster!! Also, as this is a very busy time of year, what with graduations, end of term festivities, school award ceremonies, our American Thanksgiving, and the flu bugs that always seem to hit families this time of year, it can be very easy to get behind in getting parcels mailed out. If anyone is in this position please don't feel guilty, just let us know that your parcel will be a bit late in arriving! We hope everyone enjoyed this swap and looks forward to a new swap in the New Year. Thank you for keeping in touch, Sharon and Lorraine
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