Gingham curtains

21 October 2007
Here are the curtains Tricia made. I'm really pleased with them, they feel fresh and make the kitchen look bigger. I noticed that Hanno has installed one pull back hook higher than the other. : \ We'll have to adjust that. I have to buy a few hooks for the top of the curtains as there are a few missing, but when they're all fixed, I'll happily live with these curtains for many years. The curtains I'm stitching will take another couple of weeks but I'll post a photo when they're finished.

Tricia saw my other pottery crock when I featured it on the blog a while back so she bought up this much bigger crock for me to use. This one has a water filter inside it but if you take it out, the crock would hold about 10 litres (2.6 gallons). It will be just perfect for making lemon cordial and ginger beer. I mix the drinks up in the crock , then fill bottles from the little tap.

Tricia also found this vintage linen tea towel she thought would fit nicely into my new colour scheme. Isn't it pretty!
I've been honoured with two awards. The first was one given a while back by Linda at Somewhere in Time. Linda has presented me with a You Make Me Smile Award. Thank you Linda, you make me smile too. : )
Tami at Joyful Noise has honoured me with a Thinking Blogger Award. Thank you Tami. When I first started blogging it was my hope that I would help a few people think about their lives in a different way. I also wanted to be influenced and challenged by the lives of other bloggers, so I really appreciate this award.
Hanno and I went to the scratch and dent sale yesterday and the prices were still so high we walked out without even talking to anyone. Such a pity. The sale prices on these appliances were $2000 and above. So today we have our last lead - we're going to a shop here on the Sunshine Coast where we hope to find a bargain. If not, all the old appliances will be going back in when the new benchtop is installed.
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Thank you for stopping by today.


  1. the curtains give such a "fresh airy" feel to your rooms, they look lovely!

  2. I love those curtains! They look so nice in that room. You are right that crock is perfect for lemonade.

  3. The curtains look so beautiful and full!! Talented sisters !!

  4. Gorgeous curtains RJ :) I hope you appliance search works out. I know I use my oven a lot and when it comes time to replace it I will try and spend a little more to get a better one - my cheapie can be3 a bit tempremental at times with the temperature.

  5. Hi Rhonda Jean :) The curtains and tea towel are so pretty - love those reds! And congratulations on the awards! Love, Q

  6. Hi Rhonda
    Have you checked out the Choice magazine reports for appliances? The price you mentioned seems very high - you may be able to find something cheaper that rates as well as the ones you are looking at. I bought a fancy Italian stove a few years back, and was never really that impressed with it and wished I'd stuck with a good old Oz brand. Choice has a number of articles about what to look for in ovens and cooktops at their site at . You can buy a quarterly subscription for $18.95, or pay a few bucks for a one-off report. They also offer a buyers service for members, where they will find the best price for you once you decide on a brand. Might be worth a $20 investment? Also think about NRMA or other membership discounts.
    I just looked at the Choice report for gas cooktops, and they recommend
    BOSCH NGT 915 IAU $1249
    MIELE KM 390 G $1899. The report was a little dated, but not too old.
    Otherwise, if you haggle like crazy at Harvey Norman or Bing Lee, their sales people will usually come down to get a commission if you're persistent (my son used to work there), and also make sure you insist on a discount of at least 5% for cash payment.

  7. I like your new curtains. Funnily enough I made a new tablecloth today for our kitchen table in red-checked gingham. It's such a lovely, bright and cheerful colour combination, isn't it?


  8. Perhaps Tricia would like to visit Canada??? I need some help with

  9. I Love your curtains.And your vintage linens.So nice of your sister to share with you.
    To me "Family Treasures" are the BEST;o)

  10. These curtains are just perfect for a kitchen - they have such a cheerful look!

  11. Hi Rhonda-I really like the gingham fabric for curtains. It gives the home a cosy-yet country look. I love your pottery crock for lemonade. One of my favorite things to have in my house in country pottery and if you can drink lemonade from it -it is even more useful. I forgot - it must be summer in Australia. I live in the U.S.A and it is Autumn. It is really pretty in New England with all the trees turning the leaves orange and red-golden. It's getting cold. Your curtains are just right for summer and winter. Blessings, Rose Mason

  12. Just stopping by to say "love the curtains". Your sister did a brilliant job. Neither of my sisters are interested in crafts of any kind.

    Also I loved your post about the buttons and the thrifty attitudes of the previous generation.

    You so deserve those awards too.

  13. I've been lurking on your blog since the first day I discovered the wonderful world of blogging. Just wanted to say that when I popped on and saw the photo of the curtains, my instant reaction was "OHHH, she's finished them! They look great!"
    It was as if you were one of my friends that I have coffee and a chat with. Aren't blogs fun!
    ps. I'm envious of your veggie garden. Mine is in its 2nd year. I'm still learning.

  14. Your curtains looks wonderful! I'm sure you had a great visit with your sister too!

  15. Hello, just stopping by for a quick chat. The curtains Tricia made look absolutely wonderful in your kitchen (they were in the kkitchen, weren't they?). I'd like to sew curtains like that myself. How did she do it?

    The crock was nice. I'm not sure what lemon cordial is, but I know ginger beer (do you have a recipe?)
    Have a wonderful day! Mine has just started=)


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