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6 October 2007
Hello everyone. I want to let you know before I set it up, that I'm putting google and amazon advertising on my blog soon. I am saving up for two new lounge chairs and it's one of the things I'm doing to save money. The ads will be discreet and relating to what I write about in the blog. Apparently I can choose which Amazon ads I use, I can't choose the Google ads but I can get rid of the ones I think aren't appropriate.

I hope this doesn't cause problems for anyone.

I want to say a big thank you to Amy who sent me a lovely piece of 100% cotton fabric for my stash during the week. It was a thankyou gift for some seeds I sent her. : )

I also received my swap parcel from Debbie a few days ago. I was really happy with what she sent. The sewing, well, it just amazed me. She made her own bias binding! Thank you Debbie. I'll be featuring a post soon with all the photos I receive of the swapped napkins. Please email a photo of what you receive and I'll add it to our Napkins on Parade post.


  1. Will you report to us how this goes?

    I mean, how well it works for you?

    Just curious.


  2. I was reading back on your posts that I missed this week.

    I am fortunate to live in the country in an old Virginia farmhouse with a few barns and 10 acres of land. I have about 40 hens and just recieved 25 new chicks for meat processing in about 10 weeks. I also have dairy goats. The milk and eggs alone add hugely to our diet and cut so many other expenses.

    I pay $6 for a 50 pound bag of feed for my goats. For 1 goat that is about a weeks worth of ration as they also have hay and forage. My goats are full sized saanan/nubian crosses. For the smaller pygmy milk goats the feed would stretch far longer than a week for nearly the same milk. I just prefer the larger goats. I get 1 gallon of milkper day from each doe. To purchase that same gallon milk at the grocery is $5+ in some areas. I save quite a bit of money with 4 milk drinking children in our house. Plus we have the benefits of making cheese, buttermilk, cream, yogurt etc. Left overs or mistakes are fed to the chickens. They love goat milk and products!

    I have to ask if you have laying hens or have thought about a small backyard flock? I don't know the regulations of where you live but here in the US most cities allow for a few backyard hens.

    I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Sure Wildside.

    Angie, thank you for telling us about your livestock. Very interesting. We have a small flock of hens. We have three rhode island reds, one pure australorp and three australorp crosses. We're getting another two RIRs in a couple of weeks. We have them for the eggs and manure and just because keeping chooks in the backyard is part of me now. We got our first chooks about 20 years ago.

    I had a quick look at your blog and will go back again later for a better read. It looks good. : )


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