Apron swap partners - ammended

31 October 2007
Here are your partners, ladies. As with all swaps, there will be minor tweaking today and tomorrow. Brigit, do you want to be in the swap? I'm not sure if it's just your friend or you as well.
  • SHARON’S SWAPPERS Sharon's email is cdetroyes at yahoo dot com
  • Maria in NC and Paula
  • Jessica Chapman and Tracy (unlessthelord)
  • Donna and Allybea
  • Rhonda Jean and Sharon
  • Jenny (wren) and Ingvild
  • Elizabeth and Mrs MK
  • Daisy81 and Becky
  • Jackie @ Redcliffe and Sisiggy
  • Ann in Melb and Jennifer's daughter
  • Lisa J and Ingeborg
  • Kimberly and Jill
  • Dee and Donetta
  • Ruthie and Scooter Sissy (Christie) Christie, please email Ruthie with your details.
  • Tracy (sunnycorner) and Lis (flyinginoz04 at yahoo.com.au)
  • Aslaug and Niki
  • Coleen and Peggy
  • Bren and Han_ysic
  • Ann (UK) and Robbie

  • CHOOKASMUM’S SWAPPERS - Lorraine's email is: ma_pabarney at hotmail dot com
  • Sandra Tee and Dirkey
  • Heather1031 and Debbie
  • Aimee and Our Red House
  • Helen Thomas and Rebekka
  • Emily and Karen
  • Greeneyes and Tami
  • Chookasmum and Mama K
  • Christine and Leah
  • Mary and Rebecca
  • Polly and Billie
  • Rachel Read and Denise - rachel's email is happyharris at bigpond dot com dot au
  • Jodie and Margaret39
  • Solstiches and Maria
  • Jen and Cathy
  • Jennifer and Mrs H
  • Judy and Brigit's friend Jennie
  • Lucy (lucy.vandersluis at orange dot nl) and Rhonda Jean (rhondahetzel at gmail dot com)

Ladies, go to the sign up post to get your partner's email address so you can make contact and swap postal addresses. If you have any problems with the swap, please contact either Sharon or Chookasmum, depending on who is looking after you.

Remember, the swap deadline is Wednesday, November 28. All aprons must be posted on or before that date. I hope you all get to know your swap partner, develop your skills and have some fun.

I have my fingers crossed for this one. I hope I have everyone now. Please let me know if you're not on the list.

ADDITION: Some changes have been made. Please check that you still have the same swap partner.


  1. Rhonda,
    I was left out of the napkin swap. I DID sign up for this swap, but I'm not sure as to whether or not I am in. There are two Tracys you see. One did the napkin swap, as I saw in the comments for this one. On the lists you provided for the apron swap, there is only one Tracy listed.


  2. Hi Tracy, you are definately IN, love. I'll fix it up and get back to you.

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    I sent an email too requesting to be in the swap around 7am today but on the "swap ending soon" blog. If there isnt room I understand, I probably put the comment on the wrong blog. Could you please let me know if I can be in?
    Rachel Read
    happyharris at bigpond dot com dot au

  4. rachel, you are in too. My mistake. I'll get back to you soon, but start sewing. ; )

  5. tracy (unlessthelord), as you are the first Tracy in the comments box, you will be partnered with Jessica Chapman. The other tracy @ sunnycorner will be partnered with Ruthie.

    Rachel Read, you will be partnered with Denise as herbaltonya has pulled out.

  6. Thanks Rhonda,

    Cant wait to start, going to do it in corp with my 10 yo daughter to give her a few lessons!!!


  7. that's a lovely way to teach her, Rachel. : )

  8. Hi Rhonda, Your jobs are this way
    beautiful. Compliments:)))

  9. Hi Rhonda,
    Haven't been online for a few days but if you have any leftover/late swapper without a partner I'd be happy to pair up with one of them. If not I'll happily await the next swap. My meil if you need it is:
    flyinginoz04 at yahoo.com.au

  10. Rhonda,

    I gave my friend Lucy a bad link to your site and she missed the sign up. Any chance you could squeeze her in? I could double up with her if that would help.

    I've left the her mail her just in case.




  11. Hi Rhonda-I can't wait to see all the pretty looking aprons! I just love the way you organize these swaps. Blessings, Rose-U.S.A

  12. Rhonda,

    I know this is really silly, and I am sure Tracy in AU is great, but I was kinda hoping for a US partner to save on postage. I wouldn't mind partnering with Tracy if it's too late. :) I guess I should of mentioned that, I thought it was assumed!


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I would love to sign me in for the apron swap... But I see I am too late ..

  15. Ruthie, I think I have an American partner but I just have to wait for her email.

    Lucy, you will swap with me.

    Simonetta, thank you : )

    Lis, you're in.

    Rose, thank you : )

  16. Rhonda ~

    Thank you so much for understanding. :-) I'm glad it worked out. I'll start working on an apron and if I don't get a buddy I'll keep it for me. :)


  17. Hi Rhonda, I have been partnered with Aslaug, her email doesn't work and her blog doesn't have a contact button, can you help?

  18. Hi Niki, I've passed this on to Sharon who is looking after your part of the list.

  19. Rhonda, I posted in the last thread, but thanks for thinking of me and I won't join this swap, just my friend Jennie.

  20. Hi Rhonda Jean
    I haven't heard from my partner and she has no blog or email. If you hear from her will you let me know.

  21. Hi Elizabeth, I have emailed you.

  22. Hi Rhonda Jean,
    I didn't get your email. Please resend.


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