And the winner is ...

14 October 2007

Congratulations Peggy. I'll be sending you the simple living stitchery. If you send me your postal address, I'll get it in the mail in the next couple of days.

I'm sorry there is no second prize but for those of you who want to stitch this, here is the pattern. Simply click on the drawing above, right click your mouse, "save as", print it out and then transfer the pattern to your fabric according to the instruction in the stitchery tutorial. The stitches are mainly back stitch and french or colonial knots, with running stitch for the border and the dotted lines. Happy stitching everyone.


  1. Thanks for the free pattern. I have saved it and will do it when my arm is doing better. I love this pattern

  2. congratulations Peggy! And thankyou for the pattern Rhonda, I'll look forward to stitching it :)

  3. Where is Peggy from? (Congratulations, Peggy!)

    And thanks for sharing, Rhonda Jean.

    Have a wonderful time with your sister.


  4. Congratulations Peggy!


    I am hoping to make this on a cold winter day:)


  5. Hooray, Peggy! How blessed you are :)

    Thank you for the pattern, Rhonda Jean! Love, Q

  6. Wildside, Peggy is from here:

  7. Wow! I am so excited! Thank you so much! Addy is on its way to you. thank you again.

  8. Thanks, Rhonda Jean! I'll go pay Peggy a visit! (Wildside)

  9. Congratulations Peggy, so happy for you. Again, Rhonda, what a wonderful sampler!

  10. how absolutely lovely and generous of you to share the pattern . It is absolutely lovely and I can't wait to sew it.
    thank you so much.
    hope you have a great week.
    always enjoy your blog..and the frugal/simple living tips are a blessing to many.
    thanks for sharing as you do.

  11. It is a beautiful pattern! I'm going to give it a try this winter I think. Congratulations Peggy!

  12. Thank you SO much Rhonda, for sharing this pattern! I can't wait to make it, have loved it there in your sidebar!

    I'm assuming the "stitching tutorial" is somewhere here on your going to look...

    You made my day! ((hugs))


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