18 October 2007
I am way overdue answering emails and comments. With my sister here I don't have the spare time throughout the day when I usually answer them. I will write as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience. : )


  1. You are so dependable! I can count on a new post about 4:00 P.M. North Carolina time showing a post the next day's date! Enjoy your sister!

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful time with your sister.


  3. I hope you and your sister are having fun together and I look forward to seeing those red check curtains when they are hanging. That is of course if you are still having the red check :-)

  4. Thankyou Rhonda for your post - is a bit of an anchor in a sea of 'meaning-to's' and 'want-to's' for me at the moment. Nothing beats a bit of quiet head space and a sharp lead pencil!

    Your posts always seem to come from a place of peace - squidge up a bit, I'm coming to join you.



  5. I'm amazed with all you do. Have a great time with with your sister. We'll be simple. Have fun!

  6. Debbie, saying I'm dependable is a great complement, thank you so much.

    Hi Paula dear!

    Polly, yes, it's still the red check. Tricia was sewing the curtains today. I have some photos I'll share tomorrow.

    Hello Cindy, Welcome. Plenty of room here so come on in.

    anna, we're having a lovely time together. Thank you. : )


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