22 October 2015

My favourite place #16

This week we have photos from a country close to my heart, County Mayo in Ireland. Susan writes from there to share her favourite place where she is teaching herself to draw and paint.  And further over, in Pennsylvannia, USA, Fern writes about her gorgeous kitchen. For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of our homes, and this one is no different.  Thanks for sharing your photos with us, ladies.

I would like to share my favourite place, though it is just a tiny area set-a-side in a corner beside the window in our bedroom. I live in a little hundred and fifty year old, three bedroom cottage in the west of Ireland in a county called Mayo not far from the wonderful wild Atlantic Ocean.

In my little corner space I sit in my rocking chair where I nursed my babies many years ago and where today I like to just read, knit and just lately I am teaching myself to draw and paint, a dream I have had for so long and now at last I have the time. Life is good here. I have a blog showing just a taste of my life at Haremoon Cottage. www.haremooncottage.wordpress.com

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I am writing to share my favorite place with you. My name is Fawn and I live in Pennsylvania, in the Eastern part of the United States. Fall has started here which is just about the perfect time of year, with warmish days and crisp chilly evenings. 

Life is very busy around here with my little family and house full of pets. Currently, I work full time in a corporate setting, but your blog, combined with some inner soul searching, has inspired me to begin transitioning towards a slower, simpler lifestyle.

My favorite room in our house is the kitchen. This is where I spend most of the time when I'm at home. It is where I pack lunches early in the morning while the rest of the house sleeps. It is my first stop when I return from work to start cooking dinner. It is where I spend evenings cleaning up and getting ready (physically and mentally) for the next day. 

I love that my kitchen is where I cook nourishing meals for my family, to send them out into the world with full tummies and happy hearts. I love that my kitchen is where time slows down and I can putter around stirring a pot, checking on rising bread, or chatting with little boys or a grown man who wander in looking for a snack. You can see a glimpse of the little stool by the door where there is usually a child (or cat!) sitting to keep me company. 

Our kitchen is small and simple, but it is my happy place. I blog at www.stitchtherapyblog.wordpress.com about cross stitching, family life, and my cat.

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