My favourite place #14

8 October 2015
This week we have photos from Keriann in New Zealand and Corinne in England. Again they show the diversity of the readers here and the interesting and often beautiful places we all call home. Thanks for taking part Keriann and Corinne.

I'm taking no more photos in this series. I'd like to finish the segment before Christmas.

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Our first photos today are from Kerinann who writes:
I was hard pressed to choose my favourite room in our home, would it be the kitchen, the garden or the sewing room? In the end I chose our bedroom as it makes me smile just about every time I enter it. My husband is a very tolerant man, not objecting when I filled this sunny room with flowers, from the rose printed wallpaper to the "all my favourite fabrics" quilt. In the afternoons the sun pours in making it hard to resist a small reading and cup of tea break. We have doors out onto the garden and on a mild winter day I leave them open to air the room as I potter around doing my housekeeping jobs. We have a sweet puppy called Charlie and he also likes this room, sitting and looking out over him kingdom, dreaming that one day he will get the better of those pesky cats. The first photo is the tidied room and the second photo is before the morning tidy and from a different angle.  

I live in the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand, a big fruit growing area which also includes many vineyards. Currently its winter on the cusp of spring. We still have cold nights, sometimes down to 1 degrees celsius but during the day it hovers around 15.  I write a blog which you can visit if you like:

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Now Corinee writes: 
My name is Corinne and I live in the South East of England. To be honest, I have 2 favourite places at home - my sewing/ spare room and my veg patch. But this is the first year for my veg patch and my sewing room has been taken over by our new kitten, so veg patch it is!

It took a while to persuade my husband to start the veg patch.... I do have a bit of previous with forgetting to water plants.... But once he saw our 2 small kids eagerly eating the peas straight from the plant and tasted the veggies himself, I think I have him convinced! And just getting to escape for even a few minutes each day into the veg patch to tend the plants has kept me sane this summer!

I don't have a blog, but I do post photos on Instagram under the name Salapes.


  1. The bedroom is just my kind. Very pretty. The vegie garden looks lush and delicious. At the moment ours is bare and brown. Husband is not planting any more as a hot dry summer is forecast here in south-east Queensland. Hope we don't share it with our cousins to the east.

  2. Love Kerriann's bedroom, especially that lovely outlook out into the garden, I could sit and read in there all day.:-) :-)
    And what a lovely veggie garden you have Corinne, it must give you great satisfaction producing food for your family to eat, I know it does forvus, happy gardening.:-) :-)
    Cheers from Aus

  3. Love, love your bedroom and courtyard Kerrianne, I don't think I'd just want to sit there all day. Your 'favourite colours' quilt is lovely. That's a lovely lush garden Corinne, bet your hubby is pleased he 'gave in'....a great space to share time with your kiddies. I have to say though, I'd like to have seen pics of your sewing room and the kitten, i hope there's some on Instagram:) thanks to both of you for sharing your special placesand Rhonda for taking the time to organise and post.

  4. I enjoyed these favorite places. Such a pretty bedroom and garden view. And I can relate to Corinne's time in the garden keeping her sane. It's always a treat to see the various spaces around the world.

  5. What lovely favourite spaces!!

  6. Today's post is a treat for the senses - flowery bedroom AND a garden. I can spend lots of time in either places. So beautiful and peaceful. Thank you!

  7. Wish my bedroom looked like that, mine is one of my least favourite places. It has become a bit of a store room. You've inspired me to rectify that Keriann.
    And Corinee, I hope my garden looks as amazing as yours soon. Just starting to warm up here.
    Thanks for sharing ladies x

  8. Love that bedroom with a door into the backyard - very feminine and fresh!
    A great veggie garden and I agree that a little bit of time in the garden is a sure cure for the blues!

  9. Keriann, what a beautiful room! I love your quilt, and the view from the doors is just lovely. Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. awww was so enjoying these favourite places too, thanx so much Rhonda!
    what a glorious bedroom & you can walk out into the garden from it! i wish for something like that too (i love roses too)
    a very beautiful & productive garden there, so full! glad the kids & hubby are on board too
    just lovely ladies
    thanx for sharing
    selina from kilkivan qld

  11. Lovely places both, thanks for sharing. Have loved the series. Pam in Norway

  12. Love those colors and being able to see the outdoors is amazing. So pretty, both places.

  13. It must be lovely for you to see where your readers come from and their favourite places....puts some more meaning into the "comments".... Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  14. Gorgeous bedroom - I just love it. Oh and look at all the corn in the second home.

  15. Keriann your bedroom is delightful. The view out those wonderful french doors toward that lush looking garden makes it the perfect place for reading and dreaming.

    Corinne your gardening spot looks to be well planned and very well taken care of. I can imagine how welcome the vegetables it produces must be for you and your family. How nice that a the children are liking the vegetables------often they are a real "hard sell" for kids.

  16. What a pretty bedroom. I love the quilt. I made one very much like it years ago. That is a nice room to rest after a day's work.

    The garden is very nice too.
    A pretty garden is such a nice place to be. Thanks for the pictures.



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