My favourite place #13

1 October 2015
This week's favourite place photos come from Clarissa in beautiful Port Macquarie NSW, Australia and Bridget in Brisbane, Australia. These places are only a few hundred kilometres apart but the photos are very different. One is a place of quiet reflection, the other is a children's play area.  I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Clarissa and Bridget.

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Clarissa writes:
We have lived in our home for 5½ years now and it has only been in this last 6 months (after starting my journey towards a simpler and 'real' life) that I have come to appreciate and be grateful for where we live and what we have. We live directly across the road from the beach in Port Macquarie NSW. We constantly battle the strong southerly winds and sea spray. I love to garden and we have attempted several different types of natural windbreaks with no success. Finally we planted tiger grass and it is growing nicely and withstanding the conditions. Hopefully soon we will have enough protection to start our vege garden out the front. 

Our back yard is tiny and doesn't get much sun (but that didn't stop us from trying for the last 5 years without much success), leaving the large front yard our only real option. Hubby has dug up around the perimeter of the fence in preparation for a hardwood edge and some lovely new garden dirt and compost ready for the upcoming growing season. I love to sit out the front in the sun watching my little ones play and imagining all the wonderful times we will spend in the garden, teaching and learning, getting all grubby. Being able to provide for my family and appreciate the simple things in life has found a new meaning with me and now I know that I can find all these things in my own home no matter where it is. I have recently started blogging at

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Bridget has sent her husband's favourite place, she writes:
Attached are 2 photos of my husband Michael's favourite place, because he'll never send it in so I must do the deed LOL. We live in the north-side of Brisbane Queensland (near you-well not quite-but an hour south of you). 

I've always had a craft room but he has never had his own room because my craft took over the house LOL. Anyway when we moved here a year ago I said he could have the 4th bedroom as his library which he has always wanted. This is how he has it set up, that photo on the easel is one he commissioned in Hawaii to be painted. It took 16 years before I saw it, as it was boxed up through all our moves over 16 years and we didn't have the space to display it. I often take a nap on the chair that unfolds flat and is quite comfortable if you stay in one position in sleep. We both love books but after moving through 5 states and lugging hundreds of books I told him no more lugging books, only keep what you want and the rest of the books we will buy on kindle. So this is the results of the culling. 

If anyone wants to see my special place, you can see it on my blog under the WOYWW tab.


  1. Love your farm by the beach Clarissa, something we try and get to (the beach) every month while the weather has warmed up

    1. We are very blessed to be near the beach, I try to combine my two loves of country living and beach living where we are, making do with what we have. And there is plenty to do on our little beach farm!

    2. wow Rhonda you must have a huge following, I have had over 500 visits in one day since this post went up, and some lovely comments as well..thank you once again and now that I know Hanno reads the comments , I love that the men have a starring role in our blogs

  2. you both have wonderful spaces there
    am going to pop into both of your blogs for a look see :))
    thanx for sharing
    selina from kilkivan qld

    1. HI Selina,
      I didnt want to show my space as its such a mess but its my go to place, maybe I'll be brave enough and share it one day.

  3. Both live in wonderful areas of Australia.



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