25 July 2014

Weekend reading

We have an abundance of wildlife here. I was working at my computer yesterday when a kookaburra swooped down to drink at the water bowl. The things I see from my window!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Take some time to slow yourself and take some deep breaths. See you next week!

Reclaiming our real lives from social media  and this includes blogs :- )
I'm in love with New York but I know how lucky Australians are
Leisure time on an average day
Getting over procrastination
Giant knitting
Crocheted fruit shoes  :- )
Make a rag rug
DIY skills to pass on
How to run a craft business
Top tips for selling craft online
Building up a healthier pantry




  1. The Guardian story, "I'm in love with NY, but I know how lucky Australians are" is nothing new to this USA born woman. I am always amazed when Europeans or Australians come here to live. Not that my country does not have great things to see and do and yes, you can have a great quality of life, but no way in hell would I give up the healthcare plans, vacation time or other perks that America sorely lacks. We constantly claim to be a great nation but our health insurance is incredibly costly and employers are using Obamacare as an excuse to not pay as much for the premiums anymore and putting it on the employee. We have offensively short maternity leave and even crappier vacation time. Congress is ALWAYS looking to cut welfare or any other benefits because they operate under the belief that the poor are lazy and that they should emulate the immigrants who came here in 1900 and made a good living. Yeah, no. You can work your butt off here my friends and still struggle like hell. Sorry to rant, but my country is a mess and somehow it is the recent immigration problem and not anything else like the constant outsourcing of jobs or tax inversions done by Corporations. Alright, enough of that, have a beautiful weekend!!!

    1. Hello Fifi. America is a great country. It deserves better. The constant outsourcing of jobs is a major concern for us here too. Thanks for your thoughts.

      I first lived in Europe in 1979 - 1980 and when I returned home it was with the firm belief that Australia was definitely the place I wanted to live. That has never changed. Over the years many of my family and friends have come home with same understanding after their first overseas trip.

      Enjoy your weekend. :- )

  2. Yes, there is no place like Australia as far as I am concerned. I hope you have a restful weekend, Rhonda. Our Simple Living Toowoomba group's pasta making workshop is on tomorrow and will be presented by a young man and it is great to see more young people getting involved in cooking for the family.

  3. Dear Rhonda,
    I've just found your blog a few days ago and ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy! I'm finding my way home to the life I truly want to lead. What an absolute treasure I've found here, everything is just so comfy and so homey and so.well.written! So many posts to read and enjoy. Yesterday, I read one where you and Hanno were shopping and everyone kept apologizing for holding you up and you didn't fret...was that the same post with the part about everyone being "busy"?? ....or are we just "rushing"? This hit home for me in such a huge way. I couldn't wait for my husband to come home so I could share the post with him. You see, this is so timely for me. I struggle so much with feeling pressed for time, it's a serious problem. So serious that it causes me great anxiety, frustration, lack of patience, etc. After absorbing that information I set about my daily chores and tasks with two of my five children in tow. I was consciously, purposely and intentionally focusing on each moment. I didn't allow myself to be rushed or hurried in any way. Some people may read this and think I'm crazy or maybe I sound clueless. However my observation of others during a few pauses to look around positively astounded me. I believe that people are mostly just rushing as well! This culture of "I'm busy", "we're just soooo busy", and "oh we just can't keep up" is ridiculous! Thank you, I wholeheartedly thank you for the work you're doing here and for sharing it so people like me can learn how to slow down and really live.
    Blessings from Arizona, USA

  4. Kookaburra, my dear grandmothers favourite bird. She grew up i Australia. She used to sing about the Kookaburra. She and my grandfather taught me soo much. After a very long life they owned very few things, yet had friends all over the world and were the richest (not in money) people l have met. Miss them both. Pam

  5. Thanks for this list - looks great, some interesting and varied topics here, all of them have grabbed my attention. Husband is out with the boys tonight so once the kids are in bed I will settle down with a glass of wine and enjoy :)

  6. I've just read your link to reclaiming your life from social media. I am happy to say, other than my blog, I have no other social media. I get so annoyed when we visit to find our hosts are often on their phones, ipads etc. We came home by train last night, same thing there, people rabbiting on whilst playing, or dead silent because they don't realise someone is speaking to them. Give me strength.

  7. Thanks for sharing links like these every week. Because there are so many homesteading resources on the internet these days it's nice to have some help in sorting through them. :)

  8. Hi Rhonda,
    I sent a link of that article on NY to my son who has lived in Austin Texas for the last 16 years and here was his brief and succinct reply...
    That article pretty well nails things on the head on some of the major differences, that means that unless you have a decent job with decent benefits over here, life can be pretty unforgiving. People go bankrupt if they have a major medical incident over here and they don't have health insurance.

    Also something I recently read about how Australia was described to British people looking to emigrate here after the war.....Australia a land of milk and honey...it is true in very many ways. We do have it very good.

    Thanks Rhonda for the links
    Alexa from Sydney, Australia


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