11 July 2014

Weekend reading

Here she is! Born on Wednesday to Danny and Laura.

We've had very cold days and nights here in many parts of Australia. There has been record snow falls in the alps and strong winds. I hope you're staying warm. For all my friends experiencing summer in other parts of the world, I hope it's not too hot for you and you're enjoying clinking ice cubes in your cold drinks. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

Power to the people - I'm not sure if anyone outside Australia will be able to watch this but all Australians should. - Hanno's recommendation
Knitting with rags - floor rug project
Work Shop - getting people together
Koala video - watch it to the end, very cute
Using leftover risotto - I guess there must be leftover risotto somewhere in the world ;- )
Ideas for leftover milk, or in the case of many of you reading here, ideas for the height of milking season
Will switching to a water meter save money? In England and Wales your water company is obliged to install a water meter free of charge if you ask
Ten tips for cross stitchers
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