7 July 2014

Gathered for a family lunch

We had a quiet and relaxed weekend which included lunch with Sunny and Jamie on Saturday. The weather was cool so it was a good time for roast pork shoulder with fresh red cabbage, Dutch Cream potatoes, peas and gravy. We always welcome Sunny and Jamie with open arms when they visit and love having them here. I love hearing about what they've been doing and while we're talking, Jamie sits with us for a while, then runs off to play, then returns again.

Sitting on the back verandah eating pork crackling, waiting for the potatoes to cook. Someone is looking very smooth in those glasses and hat. 

Jamie helped opa with Lucy, our blind chicken. She is an Old English Game hen. He helped feed her, then opa showed him how to hold her gently. When they took Lucy over to the grass, Jamie spent a while in the sunshine talking to her and making sure she was drinking her water.

When we came inside for lunch, there wasn't much to do. I only had to make the gravy and put the meat and vegetables on serving dishes, then everyone helped themselves at he table. As usual, Jamie finished his plate and then we all enjoyed cheesecake and coffee, or for one of our guests, strawberry milk.

Opa serves up the gravy while Sunny cuts Jamie's meat and vegetables.

I have very fond memories of my childhood when we had a roast for lunch on Sundays. Often dad cooked so mum could have a day off and even though it was a family lunch, there always seemed something very special about it. Later in the day, for our evening meal, dad would load up a trolley of cold cuts, salad, bread, butter and drinks and then wheel it into the lounge room where mum would be helping us to practise our reading or spelling and in front of our open fire, we'd share this most humble of meals. I hope we're helping Jamie build similar memories that he'll be able to pass on his to his own children. I firmly believe that a loving and secure childhood creates the firm foundation for a good life and being a small part of that, makes me a very happy woman.

The rest of the weekend was a mix of small tasks, knitting, gardening and cooking. It was cold with gusty winds on Sunday so we stayed close to the house and had frequent cups of tea. I always feel grateful for my home in cold weather. It might be a remnant instinct left over from the caveman days when being out in the open in winter might have meant an early death. Whatever the reason, having out family close on a cold winter's day, sharing good food, is one of the seasonal joys for us.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow when I have some very exciting news to share with you. I'll see you then. :- )
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