Where am I and what am I doing?

30 September 2013
Making raspberry cordial.

I haven't said nearly as much about partial self-sufficiency as I wanted to yet but today I have to post this short note to let you know I won't be back until Friday. I have the first deadline for my book on Thursday so all my brain power is absorbed in delivering the best I can for the book. I'm pleased to tell you that this book and ebook will be available for sale world-wide so hopefully, in March next year, you'll be able to read what I'm writing now.

Next week I want to focus on a subject that every one of us deals with every day: food. Food security is a big issue now and I believe we all need to be as skilled as we can be in regards to our food. I would like us to share our thoughts on the various aspects of food, as well as write about buying, growing and storing it. I have an excellent recipe for moist banana cake and a good freezing hint to share as well.

Enjoy your week. I hope to see you on Friday. : - )