Weekend reading

6 September 2013

If you want to smile today, really smile, deep down to your bones, watch this - youtube
Got too many tomatoes?  Try fermented tomato paste.
One of my food mentors is Sandor Katz who wrote the book Wild Fermentation. I've just discovered he's doing a fermentation workshop for Milkwood in February next year. I won't be there, even though I'd love to be, but I thought I should let you know in case you can attend. Details are here.

From the comments during the week
sugar spice salt sour

You'll notice I have an Amazon book hub in my side bar again. I used to have one a few years ago but got rid of it when I was writing my book as I had no time for reading. It's back now because it's a good way for me to earn credit points when people go through here to buy their books. I use those points to buy books for us to read. So if you are buying a book, I'd appreciate it if you used my Amazon point to buy it. It takes a while to build up the points, but as I'm growing older, I'm becoming more patient. The waiting is good for me.

I'll be at the Brisbane Writers' Festival for a masterclass on simple living today and back again on Sunday for a panel discussion. Please come over and say hello if you're there, and if you want me to sign your book, bring it along.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.