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13 September 2013
There have been a lot of questions about my book this week. It's a bit complicated but let's see if I can explain. At the moment, the copyright for the print book and the ebook is for Australia and New Zealand only - that means you can only buy it in Australia and NZ. However, you can buy the print book here and some book shops will send it internationally. Some international readers have said they bought it at Fishpond and some at Book Depository.  Book Depositary offer free delivery on all their books, Fishpond have offers on free international delivery every so often.

During September, Penguin is selling my ebook for $4.99. That is for Australia and NZ only.

However, I'm about to sell the international rights of both books to Penguin and when that goes through and other negotiations happen, the books will be available for sale everywhere. We are probably talking about next year some time.

I am now writing another small book on simple living that will be published in Australia and internationally next March. That will be a print book (a Penguin Special) and an ebook. It will be followed by a short series of small ebooks on particular subjects.

Thank you for your visits this week and for taking the time to reach out and leave a comment. There seems to be quite a few new readers here at the moment; I warmly welcome all of you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with those you love. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

I meant to add as well: One of my sponsors, Biome, is moving their city store and having a closing sale yesterday and today.  They're at 215 Adelaide Street and sell a wide range of organic and ecologically sound products. All prices are 25% off today before their move. I am happy to recommend Biome to you. In all the dealings I've had with them I've found them to be helpful, knowledgable about their products and very supportive.

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