23 September 2013

Lunch with our family

We had a wonderful family lunch yesterday with Kerry, Sunny, Sunny's mum Sunja, sister Sungji and niece Jooa. We all had a great time and I felt honoured to have Sunny's family here in our home. They are lovely people and it's a great comfort to Sunny to have them here. Sunja is staying for a month, while Sungji and Jooa will fly back to Korea during the week.

 Some gifts for Hanno's birthday. 

Our lunch was buttermilk fried chicken with potato salad, garden salad, pasta salad and beetroot. Drinks were lemon cordial and beer, dessert was chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream from here.  It's an excellent recipe for chocolate cake and it's all done by hand, no mixer needed.

Before everyone left we went out to the garden to pick vegetables. It is such a wonderful thing for us to be able to share what we grow with others. Sunny has planned a Korean pork belly BBQ, with fresh vegetables.

I've half written a post about self sufficiency that I'll finish off today and post tomorrow. I'm exhausted at the moment and need to take a day off. I'll spend today knitting and reading and hopefully feel better tomorrow.  See you then.

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