Weekend reading - UPDATED

27 September 2013
I've been meaning to mention the wonderful comments that come in. I read every one of them and many of them make me smile. I would love to have enough time to respond to every comment but I try stay off the internet as much as possible. It's captivating and I think it robs me of time to do other things. But I do appreciate every comment and that you take the time to write what you're thinking. Whether they be long comments, explaining this and that, or very short ones just saying hello, I feel they're all like a very loud "hello Rhonda, I'm out here living the good life too!" When I read them I know I've connected with other like-minded souls and I know we're not alone. I love that, thank you.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Take some time out for yourself and relax. The work will still be there when you go back to it.

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For all the Sydney bakers

Fresh Bake show in Sydney, 12 - 13 October 2013. Thanks to Vikki for sending this info in.
Finally we have a bread show for enthusiasts that bake at home. There will be plenty of expertise on the day to demonstrate and reveal secrets of not only sourdough baking but cakes, pastries, the whole works.

There are 30 exhibitors and Graham from sourdough.com will be demonstrating. Tickets available here.

From comments here during the week
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