27 September 2013

Weekend reading - UPDATED

I've been meaning to mention the wonderful comments that come in. I read every one of them and many of them make me smile. I would love to have enough time to respond to every comment but I try stay off the internet as much as possible. It's captivating and I think it robs me of time to do other things. But I do appreciate every comment and that you take the time to write what you're thinking. Whether they be long comments, explaining this and that, or very short ones just saying hello, I feel they're all like a very loud "hello Rhonda, I'm out here living the good life too!" When I read them I know I've connected with other like-minded souls and I know we're not alone. I love that, thank you.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Take some time out for yourself and relax. The work will still be there when you go back to it.

Michael Pollan - In Defence of Food - you tube
Sugar Mountain Farm
The Amish and Mennonite home - you tube
Colourful crochet washcloths at Little Woolie
Loving a new job - Way up north. Sweden
Great vintage wall paper ideas - A sort of fairy tale
A million in super is not enough (pfffft)
Tiger Bread recipe - Pencil and Fork
Alicia Paulson's Pinterest page

For all the Sydney bakers

Fresh Bake show in Sydney, 12 - 13 October 2013. Thanks to Vikki for sending this info in.
Finally we have a bread show for enthusiasts that bake at home. There will be plenty of expertise on the day to demonstrate and reveal secrets of not only sourdough baking but cakes, pastries, the whole works.

There are 30 exhibitors and Graham from sourdough.com will be demonstrating. Tickets available here.

From comments here during the week
Greening the Rose
Simply Free
Every dayish things


  1. Thank you for putting this together every week! We work hard on the weekends around here bu it is a good thing to get things done. I am fortunate that this post arrives on Thursday for me in the USA and so I have Friday to check out the links!

  2. Hi Rhonda, I haven't commented here for a long time for similar reasons. The computer can be a real time waster and there are too many wonderful things to be doing in a day to spend too much time on here. I still love dropping in and gaining motivation from your posts though!

  3. I know what you mean with the Internet eating up time.
    I read your blog and one other one every morning on my smart phone before I get out of bed. It's part of my day and its a nice thing to get the day started.
    I often want to comment, but know that if I don't get up ASAP the girls and I will be late to school and work. But the well meaning thought is always there xx
    Have a great weekend.
    Sarah from Jimboomba

  4. I'm a big fan of your blog, I haven't commented before but I look forward to each of your posts.
    Have a lovely weekend! :)

  5. Hi Rhonda, Thanks for mentioning my crochet washcloths in your weekend reading, I feel very honoured! :)
    I hear you on the time sapping ability of the internet, I am a bit the same as you, there are too many great things to do in the day to spend too much time online! Have a lovely weekend, regards, Julie :)

  6. Oooh how did I not know about the Bake Show?! Thanks Rhonda, much appreciated.

  7. I wonder if the show will come to Brisbane. It sounds like the sort of thing I would love. Off to have a look.

  8. Thanks for the link Rhonda!

    Like Brydie I didn't know about the bake Show, thank you and thank you Vicki. Now, can I face Sydney two Sundays in a row? The Sydney ABC Gardening Show is on the following Sunday!

  9. I'm glad some of you can get to the baking show...I get emails from a sourdough site...that is how I found out...I wish I was closer...I hope you enjoy it.

  10. Thank you for the link Rhonda! Your blog inspired me to start one of my own. I read your blog daily but don't always have time to comment. I too have caught myself spending to much time at the computer when other things need to be done. Thank you again.

  11. I always love your weekend reading, thank you once again for posting it. Also, thank you for your lovely comment about the comments you receive on here. You are such an inspiration to many people around the world, I would love to be able to meet you in person at one of the talks you give, but alas it's a long way from England.

  12. I hope the Bake Show comes to Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Sounds marvellous and just my cup of tea.

  13. Hi Rhonda

    I'm another person who reads every day but doesn't always comment, but thank you for your lovely words regarding the comments. It's like sitting down with an old friend reading your blog :)

    I checked out the link for the Super info - where do they get these figures? I know they are talking in the article about 2048 but even now there are often ludicrously high figures quoted that I for one will never achieve! I plan to give up work at the end of next year and access my super but it's not huge and won't last forever. I guess I'm lucky as i'll eventually (around 67) hopefully be able to access an age pension, and still have some money behind us. I'm quite glad that our lives have changed for the better over the last few years in terms of being happy to live a simple frugal life. We both had good jobs with good wages until a few years ago, then my husband's hours were reduced to 2 days per week, mine to 4 days per week, so we have gradually become used to less money - I'm sure we'll manage fine on what we do have. One thing I'm going to do over the next 3 months is to track my expenses/income religiously so that I'm totally aware of what I'm spending (always do a budget and plan our outgoings but I'm sure I do probably spend a little more than I think!)

    Thanks again for some interesting weekend reading xx

  14. Like most of you I try not to spend too much time online, and for that reason I refuse to get involved with Facebook or Twitter. Nor do I have a 'smart' phone, despite Husband's attempts to persuade me to give up my 12 year old Nokia phone for a new one! But I do love reading blogs, and have got to know so many beautiful people who share my interests. I would never have 'met' them if it wasn't for the internet, and for that reason I am very grateful to be able to go online.

  15. All this talk of how much we will need in retirement really grates on my nerves a load of baloney they would love us to think that's what we need so we will work longer and harder keep grinding our wheels scare tactics I for one am not fooled


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