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Hello everyone. I've been working diligently during the week and made great progress. I'll be back with you on Monday with some posts that I hope you find interesting. In the meantime, have a great weekend and make sure you take time out to relax.  See you soon. :- )

Special offer $20 organic veg and fruit box from Aussie Farmers Direct, via Slow magazine, check the banner ad at the top of their page - Australia only, not Tassie

Ignoring the corporate ladder to concentrate on work/life balance

Malcolm Rands of Ecostore with his interesting and inspiring TED talk

What a great idea - home cooks and hungry Londoners matched up

Jack Monroe's creative recipes for one pound a serve

Getting started on tools and building

How to build truss benches with plans

How to make a tree swing

Australian Organic Week - Australian Organics

Buttered side up

From comments here during the week

inge brown
saffron threads
just cats


  1. Hello Rhonda,
    Looking forward to your return.
    I've took the opportunity to read some of your posts from 2007, long before I'd heard of you.
    Very interesting as usual.
    Love Angela (south England) UK

  2. Good that you feel satisfied with your week's work, Rhonda. Just so you know, the link to Saffron Threads leads to Inge Brown.

    Hope you have a restful weekend too. Nanette

  3. Rhonda, you are an evil woman and now I have proof! You draw me in with Jack Monroe, a woman whose struggles I shared when my children were small, although in the US there were no benefits other than my credit cards to see us through. But oh, the balance of thrift AND good nutrition was a test we passed and I can certainly relate. And then.....well....then I keep reading and am slammed with Buttered Side Up. What an affront! Immediately I am assaulted with Blackberry Cobbler Bars! (ooohhh those look gooood!) Next post? Bacon & Brie Grilled Cheese with Jam.


    Why isn't my cursor moving? Is my computer broken? Nope, it's me. This has got to be the most unhealthy meal I can imagine eating and I want it all the more. My little cholesterol laden fatty arteries are screaming and yet I am salivating and craving. Oh dear, where is that grocery list?

    Brie. Check. Bacon. Check. Um...bran cereal to flush it all out. Check.

    Evil, I say! EVIL!

    1. LOL Al, have it with a glass of water, not iced coffee with whipped cream.

  4. Hi Rhonda,
    We have certainly missed your daily instalments but great to hear the break away from here has been rewarding.
    I wanted to share a challenge I'm doing on my blog, breaking up with the supermarket for the month of October if any of your readers want to have a look or join me!! I'll be updating as the month progresses. The link is http://agluttonouswife.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/supermarket-break-up-challenge-for.html for us like minded souls!!



  5. I think you should have written that Farmers Direct is for mainland Australia only - once again poor little Tassie misses out. I know it`s not your fault Rhonda but I sometimes get really frustrated because over and over I come across instances where delivering anything to Tasmania is just too hard. The latest instance involved a small toy that I ordered online. Postage was $8 except for Tas and NT-$12! It was under500g weight and airmail. I would love one of those Farmers boxes. Sigh.

    1. I've added it now Corinne. What a shame it's not available in Tassie.

    2. Thanks Rhonda- that was just me having a little moan. I shouldn`t really because we have the best produce here in Tassie and Farmers markets are everywhere. You don`t have to go far to find it and, really we are the luckiest state of Australia. We try not to let the rest of Australia know because they`ll all be moving down here!!

    3. I agree, I love Tassie. We're going there on holiday next year.

  6. I was only writing about the work/life balance article last night. That's now the fourth instance this week that 'balance' has crossed my path. Think that's a sign to work on those two areas I highlighted that are unbalanced in my life - money and romance (with my husband of course). Have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks for the link to Aussie Farmer's Direct. I've signed up and am looking forward to my box :)

  8. The organic box of fruit and veg is a sample box it's not a full box I don't think I just ordered one and after the order a post came up that said I would be contacted for delivery of my sample box

  9. It's a sample box for $20

  10. I am so glad you are able to take a break. Enjoy it.

    Plus it gives me a chance to go back and read what I haven't read yet here on your blog, which I am enjoying so much.

    I envy all of the ladies who live near each other and can take part in some of the activities you mention.

    Have a great weekend and see you next week.


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