Second hand bargains

12 May 2011
Hello everyone!  I haven't yet shown you a couple of things I bought lately.  They're all second hand, naturally. I just love having beautiful items in my home that have some history to them; that other people have loved and then not needed, so they ended up sold ... to me.

The first is this lovely 1950s picnic set - complete with tea cups, plates,  knives, two perfect Thermos flasks and containers for sandwiches, milk, salt and pepper.  It's made in England, in excellent condition and comes all neatly packed in this vibrant red case.  I picked up this little beauty at the Neighbourhood Centre's garage sale a few weeks ago.  I know it will get a good work out whenever Hanno and I have a day out in the car. Cost: $25.

I found this beautifully hand worked linen tray cloth at Peppergreens in Berrima. I wrote about going there last week. Cost: $4 ( I think).

How could I resist this gorgeous baby pillow slip.  It's the softest cotton, just the thing I need for a grandson who will be born soon. Cost: $6.

And finally I have another authentic 1930s or 40s jug cover. I use these covers a lot when making yoghurt, sourdough and ginger beer. The covers with this tight, but soft, netting are ideal for that purpose. It's in perfect conditions, those thread you see are just loose cotton threads, I've already re-secured them. Cost: $3.

Hanno and I are visiting the family today so I'd better get moving. There are animals to feed before we go, I have to pack up some goodies to take and pick vegetables from the garden.  I'm looking forward to seeing Jamie again and catching up on everything that's been happening over the past month.  I hope your day is a good one too.


  1. Rhonda, The things you purchased are lovely...Now a day to visit family..Priceless...

  2. Lovely finds Rhonda, I ahve to say that my home is full of other peoples little its,new things hold no attraction for me,lovely to see them being used also.

  3. Your outing basket is *fabulous*. I know you will make many memories on those little jaunts to see the grands.

    I love letting others pay those high prices for the newest and best, then as they tire of them, I can get them for a song and enjoy something of quality. And besides, the 'hunt and find' is the most satisfying kind of buying for me.

    Happy days to you,

  4. Oh my grandparents had a picnic set like that, except it was blue. It took me back, seeing yours. Hope you have lots of fun outings with yours.

    Sounds like you have a blissful day planned!

  5. Like your thrifty purchases.

    Lately, I've found 2nd-hand books in nearly-new condition for R15-30 each (fifteen to thirty rands) which is about $2-$4 each (US dollars). These are not old books, but rather ones written within the last 5-10 years. I know I can borrow books from the library, but at least these end up getting read by several members of my own family as well as friends that I loan them to and then some are given away to family or sometimes schools with impoverished libraries after that....if I wanted to, this 2nd-hand book store would buy them back from me at a similar price that I paid.

    Why pay full price for books when they become 'used' the minute you take them home and open the cover.

    Cape Town, South Africa

  6. Oh - How fabulous!
    I am a lover of thrifty treasures.
    I have 2 of those thermoses (thermi?) in green.
    Isn't it wonderful how they say "Holiday"?

  7. That picnic set is just downright amazing! What a great find!

  8. These are fantastic finds x x x

  9. such beautiful bargins. The picnic set especially.

    Have a lovely day.

    jill x

  10. I love the jug cover! I wish I knew what I could use for the netting as I'd love to make my own. i have a book with crochet vorders and no where to use them.

  11. The pitcher cover is such a good idea. I suppose you could just sew some heavy beads onto a hanky to make something like? I might have to try that.
    Enjoy your time with your family.

  12. Wow, they are some pretty spectacular bargains! It's so exciting finding amazing treasures like that. Makes me want to hit the op shops but there is nothing I actually *need* at the moment... Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Also, your jug cover is lovely. I hadn't seen them before coming to live here in South Africa. The craft markets and small craft business entrepreneurs here in Cape Town are overflowing with net covers in every size imaginable. The beadwork is amazing made by local South African women. I use the large net covers over food to keep away the flies and the smaller ones over milk jugs & sugar bowls on the tea tray. They make great gifts.

  14. I love second hand bargains, my house is full of them. Was able to scout around a "Citywide" garage sale a week ago, way too fun. Picked up a couple garden tools .50 each & BBQ utensils in real good condition for $2. We hope to use those for outdoor cooking in cast iron dutch ovens this summer, my new project.

    Blessings on you and yours.

  15. Those are certainly some lovely and practical finds - I'm especially fond of the picnic basket.

  16. Awww ~ what a great picnic basket set.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  17. What a beautiful picnic basket.

  18. Wow, that sure is a good quality picnic set, You can't even buy a new one as good as that! Well done, Very envious of this find!

  19. Nice finds Rhonda! I like the embroidered pieces and the jar cover. Could you tell me what size is the jar cover and are those beads attached to the sides for weight? Very interesting .... I should like to make some of those.Nice fancy picnic case as well... very handy!

  20. Just love what you found. I also love second hand bargains, my house is full of them. I had the opportunity to scout a "Citywide" garage sale 2 weeks ago. What fun! I picked up a couple garden tools for .50 & a nice set of BBQ utensils for $2.

    We love to cook on our Weber grill all summer. Besides saving energy it keeps the house cooler & the grill taste is awesome. Although we already have utensils for BBQing, I picked these up because I'm going to try a new venture for us, cooking over open fire with my cast iron dutch ovens. Should be fun & I hope I don't burn anything :)

  21. That baby pillow slip is just the cutest thing.

  22. All of the craft markets and 'African' shops sell these locally made nets with beads here in South Africa. They come in such a wide variety of sizes from one for a coffee mug, milk jug or sugar bowl to others for jars or other containers. Then, there's the big ones to throw over baked goods to keep flies off (or hungry little fingers!). My dad picked up a number when he was visiting from the States as they make great gifts and are easy to tuck into a suitcase. Ditto for air or surface mailing.



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