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14 May 2011

This is a Friday photo feature that anyone with a blog can join. It opens the door to us sharing our lives through these photos and gives us all a new way to discover each other, and maybe form new friendships. Your photo should show something at home that you're thinking about TODAY. If you're in another country you should join in when you read this, even if it's still Thursday.

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I did write this post yesterday but it got lost in the Blogger chaos. I notice Thursday's post is missing as well.

I'm thinking about loofahs.  We have a small number of them growing at the moment and they need picking and skinning.  I'll be doing that tomorrow (today), along with several other of my home tasks.

I am looking forward to a productive, but relaxed, weekend. I hope you have the same. Thank you for you visits here over the past week. I'll see you again soon!

ADDITION: Some readers are wondering what a loofah is.  It's like a cucumber, grows on a vine, and when small, can be eaten as a vegetable. But the reason we grow them is because they make a very good sponge in the shower. You've probably seen them in shops and thought they were a sponge.  Sponges grow in the sea, loofahs grow on a vine.


  1. I thought I've seen some big zucchinis. I bet your going to tell me there not zucchinis. This sound like fun but sorry I'm to busy with other plans but I'll join in later.

    Coffee is on.

  2. How cool - I have a friend in S. Africa that told me about growing these. I think it is just fascinating!

  3. I've never tried growing loofahs before. Looks interesting. I have figs on my mind today...

  4. I've transferred this comment across from the just returned old post that went missing.

    Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...
    That looks cool. What exactly is a loofer? It looks like a really big cucumber....

  5. I love loofahs - they really get you clean ;-).

    This is what's on my mind this weekend:


    Have a great one! Claudia

  6. Wow! I had no idea about loofahs!


  7. They look amazing.

    I have gardening on my mind too - fruit trees.


    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. WOWSER! Talk about a 'green thumb'! LOL

    I have cards on my mind...

    Thanks for the fun! My first time to join in! I love visits to your blog, Rhonda Jean! Seems like I always learn a little something, or two! hehehe
    Have a great weekend!

    Sherry Bee in AZ

  9. Bit late thanks to blogger maintenance but this is what was on my mind....

  10. Inspiring! I may have to try loofah's in the fall.

    On my mind is the raised bed my husband built me with scrap wood http://theprofessorswife.blogspot.com/2011/05/thursdays-tip-from-green-housewife-use.html

  11. My comment seems to have been lost in the GREAT VOID ! So I'll try again... I have some Sponge seeds that came from a neighbor many years ago and I am trying to get them to grow - it's been weeks and weeks and nothing has happened. Do you have to score the seeds or chill them in the frig before you plant them? Perhaps my seeds are just too old. I would LOVE to grow some - perhaps I need to order some new seed and try again. Plants are also on my mind... http://lifeforus.blogspot.com/2011/05/plants-are-on-my-mind.html

  12. Becky, it sounds like they might be too old. You might need some fresh seeds.

  13. Could you post a pic sometime of a 'skinned' loofah? Trying to picture how it would look. Thanks

  14. You've written all about growing and harvesting your loofahs before, Rhonda Jean. Readers can read your old posts with your excellent step by step instructions.

    Have a good weekend. It's cold here in Cape Town.

  15. Hi Rhonda, Is is possible to use them for household cleaning too?

  16. I added a search widget to my blog awhile back to help people find old posts that they are looking for info from. I even use it myself. Your post about cleaning and using loofahs was very informational.

  17. I decided to plant these this year as well. I'm in massachusetts usa. Can't wait!

  18. Julia, yes, you can use them as pot scrubbers on Teflon and on fragile plates.

  19. Silly question, no doubt - but could you advise where I could find seeds for one of these vines? I am in Brisbane. I would love to grow one! Tracy :-)

  20. Tracy, Green Harvest sell them, they're in Maleny.


  21. about 30 years ago, loofa were very popular around So. Calif, USA. I knew one lady who cut out the central ribs/fibers and made flat, square dish scrubbers and general cleaning scrubbers with her's.

    I had heard though, for seed savers, that you must be careful because there can be cross-pollination with other varieties in the same species (cucumbers and even summer squash). I don't have definitive evidence but I think it is worth looking into before planting anywhere near other same-type plants.

  22. Hi Rhonda that's a pretty impressive loofah! Because of the 'blogger problems' I'm posting this a bit late!
    On my mind today are memories prompted by a comment from a friend about how Australians and the food eaten by them has changed in hers and my lifetime...

  23. I love seeing the photos of the loofahs growing on the vine.... so different from what I see them all packaged up in the store!

    On my mind is quail eggs.

  24. I have never heard of a loofah before. A plant you can eat and use to wash yourself?! That's quite amazing. Thank you for teaching me something new, yet again!

    Katie x

  25. I have just one of the four seedlings I planted left. Slugs and cats seem to like the foliage a bit too much. Decidedly untropical UK weather doesn't help, but I know that it can be done with dedication. One day I am determined to get even one loofah!

  26. by chance what is the postage from the usa to where you are at?? i read on an older post you would send seeds if one would mail a self addressed prepaid envelope to you

  27. oletha, I no longer send anything to people I don't know. After many packages and letters sent with seeds and other things and too many times I never heard if they arrived, let alone a thank you, I learnt a valuable lesson.


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