25 May 2011
I am an early bird. I love working in the morning. I write my blog as soon as I get up because I can then get on with the things that will be done during the course of the day. This life we live is labour-intensive, and now that I'm older, I have much more strength in the morning; it makes sense to do all my heavy tasks before lunch and to leave the mundane or lighter things till the afternoon. Things feel different in the afternoon. I always feel like I'm getting reading for something,  or that we're winding down.

But in the morning, there is possibility, hope and promise. Anything could happen, there is a full day unfolding ready to be filled by whatever we choose to lay on its pages. I usually lay laundry, baking, washing up and cooking on its pages, to me, at this season of my life, that story makes the best reading. I have been thinking a lot lately about why I feel happier and more focused in the morning. I'm guessing that every morning holds the promise of time. Time to bake or knit or clean or sit and think. It's that promise that's the key.

I tend to focus more of the positives of life and ignore the negatives - another wonderful byproduct of ageing. That is not to say the negatives don't happen around here. Just like everywhere else, we have our share of boring chores, bad days, irritating phone calls, conflicting appointments, and arguments. But when I get up every morning, I rarely think about those things, mornings are for planning and doing the good things, for brilliant ideas, getting on with the interesting tasks and knowing, that because it's still morning, there is still time today to do everything I need to do.  And even if it goes pear-shaped during the afternoon, everything will look better in the morning.  

When is your best time of the day?
At Tricia's.

If you already know of Eilleen's blog you'll know that she often challenges herself, but if you don't know the Consumption Rebellion blog, I encourage you to go there and read what Eilleen's been up to.  It's very inspiring.  Eilleen is also one of the writer's on my "other blog" the Simple, Green Frugal Co-op.


  1. ah, I wish i was a morning person, Rhonda :-) I am often amazed when i see that you were blogging at 4.30am
    It's evening-time when i read it here.
    Unfortunately I always feel groggy of a morning. it seems to take my mind and body a bit longer to wake up, lol!
    Anna (England, UK)

  2. Evenings/Nights are my best time. Everyone is home (except teens sometimes), work is over and the busyness is done. Now, there's time to do things like read, talk, listen, write, think and pray.

    But, inevitably "Night People" are in relationships with "Morning People" as is the case in our house. We have two of each.

  3. I adore morning times. Nothing better than that quiet alone time while the rest of the household sleeps on. Dark skys becoming grey with first light.
    It's energising.

  4. I am most certainly a morning person, an early bird in stark contradiction to my partner the night owl. I'm wondering it that is a Choko in the blue Bowl Rhonda? My mum used to grow them when we lived up North when I was a child and I loved them but shop bought ones taste like water not what I remember at all.

  5. Hello ladies!

    Tammy dear, yes, it's a choko from someone's yard. I'm sprouting it so we can plant it out later in the year. Choko vines make a great shade covering for our chook house during summer.

  6. Hi Rhonda,

    I'm a morning person, too :) :) I do my best work in the morning. I like to get all the ch ores and other tasks over with during the first part of the day. That way, I can do all the fun stuff at the end of the day :) :) It gives me time to relax and enjoy my crafting, etc :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. I've recently re-discovered early morning rising.
    I love it.
    Makes me wonder why I abandoned the practice in the first place.

    (currently working my way through a jar of Mum's Choko and Date Chutney - they complement one another surprisingly well)

  8. Despite what my family will tell you about me I do like mornings. Like you they are full of promise and all sorts of things can happen. Also, like you, I get so much more done. The afternoons are for easier work.

  9. Interesting Rhonda, What time do use usaually wake, I am an early bird too, and think nothing odd of riding at 4.30am either. People think I am weird, lol!


  10. Hi! I have a choko on our bench that looks the same!! I am not sure where to plant it yet but it's nearly time! Meegan

  11. I have always been a night person until the last year or so when Eli woud wake for a feed about 5.30 and I'd stay up.
    Like you that'd be my blogging time, while the kids and everyone was asleep and I could do it in peace.
    I'd get the washing on, dinner started if needed and even some light cleaning (what wouldn't wake them).
    At that stage the boys wouldn't wake until 8am so I had heaps of time.
    These days they are away about 7am, and I just can't get up at 6am in this dreary weather no matter how hard I try.
    I still set my alarm for 7am and get up then. The kids usually wake and jump in bed with Brian anyways.

  12. Freefalling, you are the reason for this post. When you commented the other day about my early-ness, I started thinking more about it.

    Jools, I usually wake around 4.

  13. Ha! I did wonder.
    It's funny how little things worm their way into our heads and get us thinking.

  14. Although I don't start super early mornings are my best time, sometimes I get a second wind in the mid evening. I used to be able to stay up quite late marking or writing, but these days I don't feel really on the ball the next day unless I am in bed by about 10.

  15. Hi Rhonda...I like the sound of your day...but our life is nothing like that....I am 58, Hubby is 60...we have a daughter (29) who has a disability and we are still doing bedtime/bathtime...Luxury is when we have a few hours off for respite...Caring is not easier as we get older...We wonder at her future...BUT she does keep us young!!! Enjoy your days!!! Dzintra

  16. Def a morning gal...I go to bed early and I wake early..I'm a planner and I like i get up early (around 5am) make a list of my to dos..motivate everyone into there morning chores, have brekky,clean up ,start school with the children, I often bake while they are at the kitchen table doing school work..My after noons are for gardening,sewing etc..i go to bed round 8 to 8:30ish

  17. Definitely a morning person! So much more productive first thing. At the moment I'm teaching someone to do my job due to a forthcoming holiday and I'm very out of sorts without my usual morning work routine! Still, hopefully the holiday will be worth it :)

  18. I'd have the check the morning person box too. what a lovely post!

  19. I'm so amazed by how early a riser you are!

    I used to be a night owl, but I'm starting to be more of a morning person. I think I was a night owl before because I couldn't sleep knowing I had work or college assignments to do. So I'd stay up late finishing them. Now, I'm a bit more relaxed (though still a college student), so I find it easier to put healthy sleep habits above getting work done.

    My husband is a morning person, and that is encouraging me to be one too! When I imagine retiring and having more control over my day to day activities, I'm definitely a morning person. :) There just seems to be something optimistic about waking up bright and early to start the day!

  20. thanks for sharing....much more of a morning person, but not so much while pregnant. :)

  21. A great post, Rhonda. I am a morning person too. We get up at 5am here is my husbands and my time to connect and talk over coffee while the kids are asleep and the world is still. As I watch the sunrise and his ute drives off, I get busy making lunches, even putting a casserole on for tea that night. Doing everything early means that I connect well with my children when they get up too.

    *We have started a farmstay blog now, called '
    Please feel free to visit our little world .

  22. Maybe I'm a bit strange, but sometimes I'm a (later - 7am or so) morning person, sometimes I'm a night owl. I'm not quite sure what the difference is. But my husband is definitely a night owl (often he'll go to bed about 2 or 3 am), and I think that rubs off on me, because I'll often stay up to be able to go to bed with him.


  23. Since I spend most nights looking after my three year old, I have turned into a morning person, I normally get up at 5.30 in the morning and don't go bed until midnight - and still have lots of energy!

    My early rise is time for me! I read a book, and drink a good cup of tea!

  24. I guess I'm a light of day person. When the days are longer, I rise earlier; when they are shorter, I rise later. One thing for sure, there's no way I'm going to lie in bed while the sun's up. That being said, I usually go to bed at dark-thirty, too.


    Diane in North Carolina

  25. Hi Rhonda,
    I have to get myself started, so I'm a slow mover in the morning and when I'm "on the move" for a while, things get better ; )
    Have a great day.

  26. I see one of the books in your stack is "Nourishing Traditions". I just finished reading this, and it has changed my whole mindset about eating and cooking!

  27. Mornings for me too and for all the same reasons. I have learned to save the boring/relaxing/mindless stuff for the evenings because that's all I am good for by then.

  28. So true that the morning holds promise though I'd never thought of that before. I try to get beds made, kids to school, washing up and a load of washing on as early as possible. And I am not a morning person. But little "breaks" during the day of rewarding things like cups of tea, blog reading, knitting etc keep me going.

  29. Mmmm, I think a good night sleep with whatever my dreams have inspired me with sets me up nicely for a creative start to the day... (that and a good cup of coffee!) xx Ann



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