Dish cloth swap buddy list

2 May 2011
Hello all,
134 ladies from four different continents sent me their e-mails and entered the swap. I am so happy there were so many of you who joined in the fun.

Please contact your swap buddy as soon as possible and no later than May 5, 2011. If any problem develops in contacting your swap buddy, please contact me immediately at cdetroyesatyahoodotcom and use swap problem as you title.

I have converted your emails so that the spammers can be kept at bay but it should not be difficult to figure out the accurate email of your swap buddy.
Please mail your dish cloth by May 15, 2011. Do not forget that international shipping will take longer so please do not panic if your parcel does not arrive for a bit.

If you do not receive your parcel by June 1, 2011, please contact me.

As some ladies have asked, it is quite alright to include a little surprise with your dish cloth if you so desire.

I tried to match everybody according to their preferences and I hope that you enjoy meeting your swap buddy.

Hugs, Sharon

Pair 1:
Bev Parker bevdotparker1atskydotcom
Jacquelyn Dickie prairiehomesoaperatyahoodotcom
Pair 2:
Pauline Turner paulinexyzathotmaildotcodotuk
Gail Schau gmacthomattelusplanetdotnet
Pair 3:
Sandra Bennett thistlecovefarmsatgmaildotcom
Debbie Webber spottyskyatgooglemaildotcom
Pair 4:
Cheryl Stefan johnstefanatsympaticodotca
Elizabeth Livesey emliveseyatgmaildotcom
Pair 5:
jeN GrAz penofjenatyahoodotcom
Jenni Brooks jenniferdotcdotbrooksatgooglemaildotcom
Pair 6:
Linda Borthwick lindabwick22atyahoodotcom
Sharon Robinson ausgirl74athotmaildotcom
Pair 7:
Heidi hebelsatgmaildotcom
Karen Waldron abbyk_49athotmaildotcom
Pair 8:
Karen Pelkey mskarenofhayfieldatgmaildotcom
Anna Johnson dillpickle76atoptusnetdotcomdotau
Pair 9:
Shanie Emmons bsemmonsathrecndotnet
Gail skimomatshawdotca
Pair 10:
Claire Giovannitti fwppchefatyahoodotcom
Lisa Thirlway lisathirlwayathotmaildotcom
Pair 11:
Sandra Collins skc240atgmaildotcom
Christiane Portron bluesparrowfairyatyahoodotcom
Pair 12:
Nanette Gilbert belleg9atgmaildotcom
Sylviane Arent jldotarentatwanadoodotfr
Pair 13:
Chasity L. Burrell burrellybunchatgmaildotcom
Cathy windyhill11atbigponddotcom
Pair 14:
Jan Smith amishsjsmithatgmaildotcom
Elizabeth Barratt izzydotbee3030atvirgindotnet
Pair 15:
Kathie Bartlett kathieb111athotmaildotcom
Maria Goodwin mariapgoodwinathotmaildotcom
Pair 16:
Denise Nichols shllwbrkatmsndotcom
Eileen Hall emh1atbtinternetdotcom
Pair 17:
Wendy Shipley rwshipleyathotmaildotcom
Eileen Philp etlannonatgmaildotcom
Pair 18:
Sharon sharonlt55ataoldotcom
Rita RenataBauer feelthefeltatgmaildotcom
Pair 19:
Carmen Laidley laidleyatonlinkdotnet
Sharynne Durbidge sharynnedathotmaildotcom
Pair 20:
Kim Smith courtlykimatyahoodotcom
Gerry de Vries gerdotdevriesatorangedotfr
Pair 21:
Beth Snider beth_snideratmsndotcom
Cindy Prentice cindyprenticeathotmaildotcom
Pair 22:
Wendie Williams wennoewilatgmaildotcom
Jo O'Callaghan mornerattiscalidotcodotuk
Pair 23:
Crete Walker cretedotwalkeratyahoodotcom
Erin Harris elpharrisatgmaildotcom
Pair 24:
Judith Claudi-Magnussen jcm1227atgmaildotcom
Joolz Benner joolzbenneratyahoodotcodotuk
Pair 25:
Lenahan, Esther estherdotlenahanatwellsfargoadvisorsdotcom
Simone Dilkara simonedilkaraatgmaildotcom
Pair 26:
Amy Mead amymeadatgmaildotcom
Linzi Brooks linzi_42athotmaildotcom
Pair 27:
Sandra Giraud olivierdotgiraud488atorangedotfr
Carolyn Smith cncsmith2atyahoodotcom
Pair 28:
Hilde Siebke hdotsiebkeatgmxdotnet
Vicky Garrett vickyg54atgmaildotcom
Pair 29:
Karin Senerchia khsds2atyahoodotcom
Jennifer Richards jenniferatlivingvoicedotcomdotau
Pair 30:
Maria Seda msplainandsimpleatgmaildotcom
Kate Lovell kattipatgmaildotcom
Pair 31:
Carolyne Carrick cecarrickatgmaildotcom
Amy Howard aahoward2atbellsouthdotnet
Pair 32:
Amy Bean mamabeanof4atverizondotnet
Julia Whitby jdotwhitbyatwestnetdotcomdotau
Pair 33:
Elizabeth Vargas valexissatyahoodotcom
Vicki Moore vickiamooreatgmaildotcom
Pair 34:
Anna Hitchcock annarose75athotmaildotcom
Amy Pfeiffer mamyschmamyatgmaildotcom
Pair 35:
Dora Vandenberg peppylady_60atyahoodotcom
Paula Moss mrsdotpauladotmossatgmaildotcom
Pair 36:
Barbara MacKenzie barbann3584atyahoodotcomdotau
Kelly Martin earthdrummeratgmaildotcom
Pair 37:
Samantha bruisemouseatgmaildotcom
Debbie Proceck yarnfreakatoptimumdotnet
Pair 38:
Dee Dearing DeedotDearingatchisholmdotedudotau
Hyde, Frances FdotHydeatshudotacdotuk
Pair 39:
Sara saalmcatgmaildotcom
Maryann Lea mlea_7177atwestnetdotcomdotau
Pair 40:
Catherine Emerson greyhoundgirl29atyahoodotcom
Jessica Lundberg jessicadotbunnehatgmaildotcom
Pair 41:
Dhilma Atapattu dhilmaaatyahoodotcom
Helen Wilson heleninsheffieldatgmaildotcom
Pair 42:
Karen Beyer pkktbeyeratgmaildotcom
Margaretha typshiatbigponddotcom
Pair 43:
Becky McAuley playsinsoil1atyahoodotcom
Nicola Simmons nickymattathotmaildotcom
Pair 44:
Melanie Bourque melanie_sykesathotmaildotcom
Ann Magnusson anniemagsatbigppnddotcom
Pair 45:
Claudia De La Cruz delacruzc15atgmaildotcom
Donna Ivany wdbayleaathotmaildotcom
Pair 46:
Diane Black dianemblackatgmaildotcom
Misty Edgar mistyedgarathotmaildotcom
Pair 47:
Janis Gunes janis347atgmaildotcom
Vickie LeBlanc VickiedotLeBlancatusainteannedotca
Pair 48:
Annette Lanniee wardhouseatyahoodotcom
Angela angeladothatpurposefulwomanhooddotnet
Pair 49:
Hatheway, Pamela(ED18) PameladotHathewayatNBEDdotNBdotCA
Lynette Lusk lusksatskydotcom
Pair 50:
Jennifer Appleby thewoollenearthatuniservedotcom
Elizabeth Yule elizabethyuleathotmaildotcodotuk
Pair 51:
Robyn Kyle countrydotchicdot01atgmaildotcom
Miriam Hammonds mad_mimathotmaildotcom
Pair 52:
Lynn lynandedwardatoptusnetdotcomdotau
Marian Galpin mariandotgalpinatgmaildotcom
Pair 53:
Lynda Robinson lyndaatdomino-oaksdotcomdotau
Inge ingelotte49atgmaildotcom
Pair 54:
Rosie Gibbs rose_bear41athotmaildotcom
Jan Renwick janrnwck5atgmaildotcom
Pair 55:
Tammie Stiltner pocketaposiesatgmaildotcom
CodyJo Cosper cjcosperatlivedotcom
Pair 56:
Theresa Wade sundotmoondotearthdotanddotstarsatgmaildotcom
Patti Seawright palynseaatyahoodotcom
Pair 57:
Lucy Galgano farmersatticatfarmersatticdotcom
Linda Schneidewind lindagail63atyahoodotcom
Pair 58:
Cathy McClintick sillyoldmeatyahoodotcom
April Harrison greymountain30atyahoodotcom
Pair 59:
Kay Richardson krichard72atmsndotcom
Marsh billnmarshathotmaildotcom
Pair 60:
Roberta Gowin robertagowinatmsndotcom
Jackie French southernmomma4ataoldotcom
Pair 61:
Yvette mtnchildatcharterdotnet
Helena Sznurkowski Berg helenaksbergatgmaildotcom
Pair 62:
Mary Dugan pbyrd1959atgmaildotcom
Teri Hallock terihallockataustindotrrdotcom
Pair 63:
Ashley Ash ashleyatfrugalmommadotorg
Maria Cherry quiltingpenguinatmariacherrydotcom
Pair 64:
Kristi McArdle kdirkinatyahoodotcom
Heather J vikingjobatyahoodotcom
Pair 65:
Jana Miyamura janadotmiyamuraatcomcastdotnet
Kristi Stone fivesmoothestonesatverizondotnet
Pair 66:
Anna Robinson robinsondotanna01atgmaildotcom
Holly Finesilver silverilexatyahoodotcom
Pair 67:
Karin Farnworth kfarnworth2002atyahoodotcodotuk
Denise Fox denisedotfatvirgindotnet


  1. Thanks for organising this, Sharon!

  2. Thanks for all your hard work on this, Sharon! I am so excited to be participating!

  3. This is such a great list of swappers. Quote a few old friends and many new ones as well. I hope you all enjoy the swap, I wish I had time to join in. I'll be in the next one.

    Many thanks to Sharon for all her work on the swap and for making up the list.

  4. Thank you Sharon for all your work in organising the pairs...It must have taken quite a bit of time! We all appreciate it!

  5. OOH! This is so exciting!

    Thank you so much for starting this swap! My firzt one, don't you know. I can't wait. Good luck everyone.

  6. You're amazing Sharon! Thanks for all your hard work. Claudia

  7. Hi Sharon,

    I'm Jude McIntyre - I wanted in the swap - just double-checked I'd left a comment to be included - which I did but didn't leave my email in the comment.

    I have four finished and I am still interested if you have some others who would like to swap.


  8. Thanks Sharon for all your work. meant to say that if you have anyone UK based who needs a swap angel i'm happy to oblige.
    Pauline :-)

  9. Thank you Sharon...I am so excited to meet my swap partner!

  10. It looks like you've got wonderful participation but I do not see my name on the list :-(

  11. I see Jude McIntyre is also wanting to participate. My email is kerichojoy[at]

  12. Thanks to the two late swappers like me who got in touch to swap! Never too late! Thanks Sharon, managed to sort this out myself!

  13. Jude, Sharon will be in touch with you and the others not included.

  14. Thank you so much Sharon for all your work!!!

    I have received and replied to an e-mail from my swap buddy and I am just so excited!

    That is a huge list of us - you have done an absolutely fabulous job, considering that you're also typing one handed at the moment!!!

  15. Have I missed the deadline to join in the swap??? I hope not but if I have it is just because I was not paying close enough attention. ;o(
    I have been reading Down to Earth Blog for about 3 years and have learned so much and have implemented many of Rhonda's wonderful Ideas. One being crocheting and knitting lots of dishclothes. Lol!

  16. Jude and joyful, could you please e-mail me so can get all of my list corrected too!! thanks and hugs. If ther is anyone else who wanted n I have room for one more so first come first buddied!!

  17. Sharon,

    I left a message to be included and couldn't find my name. Probably the fact that when I emailed forgot to put in email address. I have sent it through again, if I can be in.


  18. Jennlala and Nicole could you e mail me again and I can put you two together that would be great (Nicole you emailed me, but ignore my replyas we now have a buddy for you)

  19. thank you sharon for putting this together. alot of time and devotion must have been dedicated to doing this. i very much appreciate all your efforts. so very happy to be involved with this swap.

  20. Hi Sharon, Jude and I are swapping with each other ;-) I've sent you my contacts. Hope you get it.

  21. hmm.. I've contacted my partner twice and still haven't gotten a reply. So now what? LOL I have a dishcloth to send! LOL

  22. Wow, I have been a bit behind so I have just contacted my partner and am looking for free crochet dish cloth patterns... I have read that some of you have already crocheted your cloth(s - Jude McIntyre, way to go!) - you are all pretty organised :-)

    I am looking forward to making my cloth, and am even more excited to make friends... even though I am 27, I am more of a crochet-learning, vegetable-gardening, home and family loving kinda gal and am trying to learn more about living simply... not so exciting to most people my age that I know, lol.

    Thanks for all the hard work gone into the swap, and good luck and have fun everybody!

    Warmest blessings,
    Angela @

  23. Hi Rhonda, I guess I missed out on this swap but I am very interested in getting a buddy. Thanks for taking my query and if anyone wishes to swap I'll be glad to be a French buddy. Thanks and Happy Holidays. Sylviane. My address is:



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